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A letter to Jordan
Dear Country of Complexity,
I’m not sure to thank you or run from you. I want to scream at you for the injustices I have seen and been a part of for 2 years. I have dealt with sexual assaults, harassment, anti-American sentiment and the violation …

10 July 2010  Uncategorized


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For the past month I have been consumed with a new project- Save the Puppy. On May 30 I came to work and went into my office to drop off my things. I heard a few of my older boy students outside and went to my window to …

16 June 2010  Uncategorized

A letter to my students:
Dear Rays of Sunshine,
Soon we must say good bye. The end of May nears and you will be heading home to enjoy the summer. I know that you will do great things. You have shown to me, and the world, that the disabled can …

4 May 2010  Uncategorized

I feel a bit guilty for not having blogged in awhile, but as usual life seems to take twists and turns. There was another incident at my home where someone rang my doorbell and waited in the dark for me to answer. After 10min of asking who it …

15 March 2010  Uncategorized

Home and Back

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America. We take it for granted. Trust me. I knew I needed to go home, be with those I love in a land I knew. But I never realized I had taken it for granted. As I stepped onto my first flight I fought back the tears of a year. …

1 February 2010  Uncategorized

The Next Step

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Many things are going through my mind. I’m in the final stretch of my service and now must make the frightening next step. What do I do? Go back home, get my credentials in Special Education? Find a government job in Sacramento and live with my sister? Go further …

15 December 2009  Uncategorized

You know it’s winter in Jordan when:
-Your entire life is spent in one room
-Ugly sweaters donated by locals become the only acceptable clothing to wear
-2 blankets and a sleeping bag still don’t keep you warm
-The amount of harassment on the street lessens because the teenage boys can’t handle the cold
-You …

24 November 2009  Uncategorized

Why I’m Here

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After talking to my parents they said I needed to write another blog. It has been quite some time since I have posted. I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been busy, but the truth is that it’s because I didn’t have anything positive to type. Things have …

15 October 2009  Uncategorized


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As an American woman I face many challenges living here. The moment I step outside my door I will be stared at, harassed and judged on everything I do (how I speak, how I walk, what I wear, where I sit in the bus, etc.). The one escape that …

5 September 2009  Uncategorized

My teachers with me at the workshop in Amman.
That song has been stuck in my head recently and is pretty fitting. The new semester is almost upon me and it’s time to figure out just what I want to do. I’m officially into my final year, my last chance …

20 August 2009  Uncategorized
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