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As the environment changes due to global warming, new bird species are being found, a result of the evolutionary process. There is the Black-bellied Gnat-snatcher, the Pied-eyed Grebe, and the Worpicating Warbler, for example. But a spectacular new bird is the Rainbow Owl – check out the Rainbow Owl, found …

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I walk around my neighborhood a few times and week and it’s rare that I don’t see some pest control company spraying pesticides. They spray sidewalks, foundations, front doors, and who knows where else. Nearly 100 million birds are killed by pesticides in the U.S. each year, the result of …

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With the Olympics coming up I’m proposing that birding be included. How many birds can be spotted and accurately identified in one hour or one day, for example. It would require no new venues and a minimal investment of money. And it is certainly as interesting as some other sports …

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I was reading in the paper the other day about a couple of Golden Eagles who were found to have mange, an infestation of skin mites. This is rare in birds. In mammals, like coyotes which can be so heavily parasitized that they become very unsightly animals and are sometimes …

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Now that it is almost Christmas, you will hear the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” created in about 17th or  18th century England. I bring this up because it has more birds in it than any other holiday song. You know, “On the first day of  Christmas, my true love sent …

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The latest news is that the U.S. Government is loosening standards for bird kills by wind turbines to encourage more wind farms. That’s mixed news. Environmentalists like me certainly want to see renewable sources of power like wind and solar to replace fossil fuels, but how many birds are we …

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I always enjoy taking out beginning birdwatchers because it opens their eyes to a new world and helps them to appreciate nature. Of course, with a group of newbies I often confront issues with some participants. “Yes, it would be nice if you brought binoculars.” “No, your dog can’t come …

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After Thanksgiving dinner, I throw out the carcass, fatty parts, oil, and bones of the turkey into our half acre of undeveloped backyard. The raccoons, opossums, ravens, magpies, crows, and other creatures, including feral cats, decimate everything very quickly and the carcass lasts only a day or two. Turkey Vultures …

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Last week we visited some friends on South Padre Island, Texas. Like so many other places with a beach the natural environment has been bulldozed, paved, and covered with condos, T-shirt and surf shops, water parks, and seafood restaurants. But of course the plethora of brochures available at the local …

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We have words; birds have calls and songs. The difference is that birds call only to communicate a clear message – attract a mate, defend a territory, warn others of a predator, call their young, and so on. Birds do not make any sounds except for good reason because every …

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