Butte County Supervisor District 2 – It is Dolan vs Wahl in 2010

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Today’s Press Release:

For Immediate Release: March 12, 2010

Contact: Larry Wahl 342-1904 321-2743

Chico Councilman Larry Wahl joins the race for

Butte County Supervisor District 2

(Chico) Larry Wahl announced today that he is running for the seat of Butte County Supervisor District 2. Wahl is running because the status quo is not good enough for ButteCounty residents. Our unemployment is too high and the under-employment rate is worse. Wahl says; “it’s going to take fresh leadership and new ideas to put ButteCounty firmly on the road to economic recovery. I cannot stand by as once again ButteCounty struggles to weather economic bad times without any real plan to change the chronic financial problems and shortage of jobs that have had it teetering on the brink for decades”.

Wahl’s focus is on ways to bring good paying jobs to ButteCounty. To increase revenue we need to increase our tax base. That means putting people to work. I will work to make County government live within its means and will not vote to raise new or existing taxes,” said Wahl “. I will find the money in the existing $400 million dollar County budget to keep our library open”.

Larry Wahl has been elected three times to the Chico City Council. A Chicoan since 1945, Wahl served as a Navy pilot during the Vietnam War. Wahl and his wife Mary own and operate the Chico UPS stores.

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