All Hands On Deck

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Image: Once more in the breach, dear friends.
I sure hope it doesn’t rain on February 20th. Our "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" volunteer project at the Sherwood Forest is filled to the rim, with Brim. In this case Brim means volunteers.

3 February 2010  Uncategorized

As The World Turns

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Image: Are you ready for the latest episode?

In the last two weeks the soap opera that is disc golf took many twisty turns. Chad’s evil twin showed up and bedded Dianna, who lost her memory after Eliza …

2 February 2010  Uncategorized

Job Creation

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Image: Things you might expect to hear from Councilors regarding job creation.

I had a brief talk with a couple of councilors last Friday. I asked them how the Chamber of Commerce gathering went. This was not the …

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Dennis Beardsley

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Image: Dennis Beardsley retiring to a life of fishing and focusing on his budding career as a rapper.

Last night I took my wife on a super-romantic and special date. We attended Dennis Beardsley’s surprise retirement party.

30 January 2010  Uncategorized

State of the City

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Image: State of the city.

I ran into the Mayor yesterday while walking my bike through campus. When I asked her how her day was she stated that it wasn’t going terribly well. She cited Robert Speer’s review …

29 January 2010  Uncategorized

Crushing Debt

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Image: Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337), Basilique Assise, Legend of St Francis, St Francis Giving his Mantle to a Poor Man.

There’s been bad news on the city budget front… sort of… maybe….
Before I get to that …

26 January 2010  Uncategorized

Image: You can donate some time and get a ticket to Disneyland.

Last year Disney had a program that allowed you to get a free ticket into one of their parks if

25 January 2010  Uncategorized

Image: I purchased this instructional video, and now I’m ready to play Bocce Ball.

I’ve heard that there have been a couple of attempts to get Bocce Ball courts installed in Chico. So far… no Bocce for the …

23 January 2010  Uncategorized

Image: Capital improvement projects the city is currently working on (top), and art treatment for Lindo Channel bridge (bottom).

The city has a number of projects slated for completion in the coming months. The Manzanita Corridor project is …

22 January 2010  Uncategorized

Nothing New Here

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Image: Top 25 sales tax producers in Chico 3rd quarter 2009. Also, a summary of sales tax income minus triple-flip state charge.
Here’s the text from the 3rd quarter sales tax report released about a half-hour ago. Sales tax income is down again. That’s probably not good …

20 January 2010  Uncategorized
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