Fall investment market review is here! You can read/download the PDF HERE
Along with global market reviews, special “Who pays the income tax?” and “Recent history of trading timeline”. Hope you enjoy!

18 October 2013  Uncategorized

The past 4 years we’ve heard a lot of reasoning, some sound and some not-so-sound, about why people are reluctant to put their money back in the market. Recently our U.S. news outlets warned us about the “imminent danger” in the financial markets surrounding: 

The Election in November
The Fiscal Cliff in …

2 May 2013  Uncategorized

Read Here:


26 October 2012  Uncategorized

Approx May 18, Facebook is set to “go public” allowing investors to own a part of the company. With the popularity of Facebook, seemingly everyone is asking whether it will be a good investment, and whether the stock will grow over the long term. Some are skeptical about investing in an …

14 May 2012  Uncategorized

Read the 2012 first quarter market commentary from AMG!

19 April 2012  Uncategorized

An IRA gives you the opportunity to save for retirement and
receive special tax privileges. There are two types of IRAs — traditional and
Roth — each with its own rules and benefits. Because you can contribute to an
IRA until April 15th, a lot of people make contributions for last
year during tax …

6 March 2012  Uncategorized

when people hear the legal term “trust”, they immediately equate it with the
super rich of our society. Indeed, those who have accumulated valuable real
estate and investment assets have found it to be an efficient shelter against
estate taxes and probate. However, in many cases it makes sense to have a trust
even …

6 February 2012  Uncategorized

On Tuesday January 24th, Apple inc.
reported revenue for their fiscal 1st quarter which spanned 14 weeks
and ended December 31, 2011. The company posted
record quarterly revenue of $46.33 billion and record quarterly net profit of
$13.06 billion, or $13.87 per diluted share. Demand for Apple’s popular Iphone and Ipad lineups lifted
the company’s …

26 January 2012  Uncategorized

Author William Feather once said: “Beware of
the person who can’t be bothered by details.”
Recently I found four interesting economic facts
which blew away misconceptions I had on the subjects. There is so much media noise surrounding these big economic topics, that it is easy to lose the cold hard facts to …

3 November 2011  Uncategorized

In an attempt to stimulate the economy, the Federal Reserve
has continued to lower the Federal interest rate (and keep it low). Perhaps
you’ve noticed: 1-year CD rates are close to .5% at your local bank*, your
interest-bearing savings accounts are not paying like they used to, and you can
finance a car for …

22 September 2011  Uncategorized
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