Murphy Two

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Murphy School District in Phoenix, Arizona is a favorite of mine. I admit it. This time I’m biased. It’s probably because my mom taught in the district when I was a child and she had such wonderful things to say about it. Told ya’ I had chalk dust in my …

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Engage! All Families

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At the beginning of our Family Friendly Schools Engage!All Families Conference last week, one of the participants made the comment, “You know you’re going to have to sell me on this.” In most school or community settings, that statement would mean, you’re going to have to prove parent involvement makes …

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A Garden Lunch Aussie Children’s Stlye

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I sat down for lunch at the wooden, eight settings table in the Stephanie Alexander kitchen next to Jacob, an eight year old brimming with questions about America.
“Are you really from America? Did you fly here? No, you couldn’t fly here, the airport is to small. Did you go …

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Awww Australia

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Kangaroos, parrots, and fruit bats hanging upside down in central park. What an amazing country and what an amazing group of people came together this week to talk about Family Engagement, the merger of three schools, and the building of two new school communities here in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

How did …

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Multiples of Practice

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I met this wonderful pair on the plane last week coming back from Chicago. Richard and Scarlett. I didn’t get all the details, but my understanding is they were going to San Diego for Dad’s wedding. I believe Dad was Richard, but that was not quite clear in our conversations. …

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Waiting for Lucas

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This week, now going on longer, we’ve been waiting for a new baby in our family. Lucas James is due any minute, but he’s a bit late in his arrival. So what do you do while waiting.
When you have three other children, ages 8, 5, and 3, there’s plenty to …

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Deep in the Heart of Texas

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Plano Texas has a wonderful conference center just made for workshops and group work. Last week I had the opportunity to meet with a wide-ranging group of educators from Region 10 ready to explore the possibilities of Family Engagement.
The folks from Head Start already have experienced the possibilities for …

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Sleeping in School

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Driving from Phoenix to Miami, Arizona is something I remember doing as a child. We’d drive through the two mining towns of Miami and Globe on our way to summer fishing trips in the White Mountains. This time the trip was different. I wasn’t vacationing and my destination was Miami …

26 June 2010  Uncategorized

Two Sides Now

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Summer hot, sultry, green, so green and lots of water. A week ago in Allegany School District in North Carolina I met with teams from three elementary schools and a high school to talk about my favorite topic of Family Engagement. Summer hot, dry, brown, desert, no water. A …

23 June 2010  Uncategorized

Chalmette’s 9th Grade Academy Takes on New Challenges

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Chalmette’s 17 schools were all underwater when Katrina hit. Chalmette, in case you’ve never visited, is close to New Orleans. Before the storm, they had 9000 students. Three weeks after the storm, they had 300 and housed them in the only workable place–the remaining high school building. It’s been a …

8 June 2010  Uncategorized
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