Sarah Palin Endorses Gingrich For South Carolina (Video)

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It has been my belief that after Todd Palin endorsed Newt Gingrich, that it was just a matter of time before she put her support behind him also. There is no way the two of them would not endorse the same candidate. It’s unthinkable. Sarah believes like I do that we need to get all conservatives to begin to coalesce behind one person if we are to stop Romney. Now Sarah is not giving a complete endorsement to Newt, but she want South Carolinians to vote for Gingrich so that the nominating process continues beyond Florida, where Romney could wrap it up if he wins SC. So when she was on Hannity’s show last night she said that she is endorsing Gingrich, at least in SC

So it would seem that while she is not fully endorsing Newt, she is sending a message to Santorum that he should take one for the team and allow Newt to win SC. After all, if Gingrich does not win in SC, he will probably be a strong second. Santorum will be a distant third, and that would mean his presence will have allowed Romney a win he desperately needs to claim that he can win in the South. She did not use that specific phrase, but it sure sounds like that is what she is alluding to. Also, note the way her voice rose when she first mentioned Santorum, do I sense a bit of dislike for him? Maybe she doesn’t take him as serious as the others.

After looking down the road she is basically telling the conservatives to align themselves together in a united battle to bring down Romney, because maybe she is like many conservatives who do believe that Romney can beat Obama. She is parsing her words very carefully, but you can see that she is tense which shows she is very concerned. Overall, she framed her statement to leave no doubt that she thinks the right thing to do for now is to help Gingrich win SC, and relegate Romney to second place.

For those who wonder who I am behind, I will admit that while I have always liked Newt, I am not in full support of him. I am more of a Santorum guy, but I must say that not since Sarah, has a person fired up the base the way Gingrich does when he is on the stage debating the other candidates. Like most conservatives I’m sick of politicians saying they created jobs, blah, blah, blah. They don’t, the only thing they can do is get out of the way. When Newt said that he and Reagan created jobs, and corrected himself, saying that the people created jobs, within the framework of what they set up, I was amazed. Finally some one gave credit where credit was due.

Newt has a fire in his belly that is unmatched by his rivals, and it is that fire that Sarah Palin sees. They way Gingrich has been cleaning up at the debates, he is beginning to look like the he is the one who can defeat Obama. If he has as good of a debate on Thursday as he did on Monday, he very well could terminate Romney’s bid to lock up the nomination this Saturday. As for finding the perfect candidate, good luck, because they all have have shortcomings. If we are looking for the most perfect human to represent us in November, then it’s time to drag Billy Graham off his death bed and prop him up as our candidate. Other than Christ, Billy Graham is the only person I can even think of that is currently living in America that is as pure as many seem to demand our candidate be.

Romney scares me, and besides he is just trying to sale through the debate process without hurting himself. Something that will get him crucified by Obama and the left if he gets the nomination, because he is not being vetted properly. Rick Santorum seems to be getting better during the debates, he needs to still separate himself from the conservative pack. Perry is now just a liability, and should close up shop and get behind either Santorum or Gingrich so that Romney can be stopped in SC.

Everyone wishes we had a better field, but after the shellacking we took in “08” no one was willing to put their money and reputation on the line against Obama and the MSM’s inevitable non stop attack, so it is what it is. Unless Santorum can separate himself from the field during a debate like Newt has, I will be jumping behind Newt, because it is becoming evident thyat the left is very worried about Obama debating him.

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