Children Of Beslan Terrorists, Bring Their Slaughtering Ways To Boston

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by Chuck Wolk

Beslan is a place few Americans have ever heard of, yet now they know how evil Chechen Muslims can be, because it was Chechen Muslims who set off the bombs at the Boston Marathon. It was Chechen Muslims who put school children, their teachers, and parents through 3 days of horror, before killing many in a bloodbath that will be remembered for many years. The reason? They were not Muslim. 11 years later, two Chechen men have killed and injured Americans near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Why? Just because they were not Muslim? We may never know. What we do know, is that these two men have lived up to the evil that the men of their homeland, and their religion are known for.

Now Obama may try to convince Americans that Islam is a religion of peace, and many Americans will believe him. However, like it or not, Islam is an evil religion. A religion created by a pedophile who was bent on destroying anyone who refused to accept his faith born in HELL. Until it is eradicated from the planet, innocent children the world over will never be safe.

Why dwell on the children? Well Obama and his allies continue to make every political battle they wage about the children, and many Americans buy into their claim. So, we wouldn’t want a tragedy to go to waste would we? Besides, maybe Americans will wake up and realize how evil Islam and the left is if we use children to get our point across. What Americans need to know, is that what happened in Beslan was not an isolated incident. Chechen Muslims are guilty of many atrocities through the years, and now they have brought their slaughtering ways to America.

If you have no clue as to what happened in Beslan Russia, I offer the excerpt below from the news reported by the UK Mirror the day after the unreported horrors took place. I say unreported, because our MSM has never ever reported the truth of what happened that day. I offer this because the two men responsible for the Boston Marathon massacre are relatives of the Muslims who are responsible for what happened on September 1, 2004. Over 1000 Russians expected to enjoy the first day of school, but what they got was three days of hell at the hands of Chechen Muslim terrorists.


The full horror of the Russian school atrocity began to emerge yesterday as traumatized children told horrific tales of stabbed babies and brutal rapes.

It has also emerged that scores of the 323 who died – including many children – had been shot in the back.

While despairing soldiers and rescue workers moved among the growing pile of body bags, it was revealed that an 18-month-old baby had been repeatedly stabbed by a black-clad terrorist who had run out of ammunition.

Other survivors told how screaming teenage girls were dragged into rooms adjoining the gymnasium where they were being held and raped by their Chechen captors who chillingly made a video film of their appalling exploits

They said children were forced to drink their own urine and eat the petals off the flowers they had brought their teachers after nearly three days without food or water in the stifling hot gym.

Their stories came as Russian officials warned that the final death toll of the siege of Middle School No 1 at Beslan in North Ossetia – in which up to 1,200 people were held captive – was likely to be more than 400.

The official toll yesterday stood at 323 which included 156 children, 10 Russian soldiers and two emergency service workers – 35 of the hostage-takers were also killed. Last night 434 people were being treated in hospital with 247 children and 85 adults in a critical condition.

A Russian official said six seriously injured children had been taken to Moscow for treatment.

“One of them is a child, just 18 months old, with many knife wounds,” he said.

The Chechen terrorists – including two so-called “Black Widows” – had been meticulously planning the hostage-taking for months.

(excerpt, read the full article at Uk

Like many of the atrocities committed around the world by Muslims, our media was mostly silent about the details they reported when the Beslan school children were raped and murdered by Chechen Muslims on  Sept 1, 2004.  There is no excuse for the way our MSM failed to report one of the aspects of the horrors that took place that day. Only an evil media would refuse to report that young Russian girls were raped by Muslim terrorists in front of their parents and classmates.

I find it truly appalling that our MSM had no problem reporting the false reports of “rape camps” supposedly run by Bosnian Serbs in which Muslim women were allegedly subjected to similar degradation. An incident by the way our MSM had no evidence for, and today we know was a lie spread by the Muslims who needed Bill Clinton and the United nations to help them defeat their long time enemies.

The Muslim propagandists in the Western media should be ashamed of themselves for refusing to report the atrocities of these animals. Especially since it is the practice of Islam to encourage violence against women in general. So to ignore the rape of 13, 14, and 15 year old girls by the terrorists that held them, only emboldens Muslims to continue this type of activity around the world. However, the vast number of Americans would not know this because our MSM is too busy trashing Americans who believe in their constitutional rights.

We are looking at the last days of a great society. A society that has shed more of it’s own son’s blood, than any other society in history, so that people the world over could live free from tyranny. A country that has shared more of it’s own citizens money, than any other society has in the history of the world, so that others can be sheltered, fed, clothed, healed, and schooled.  A country whose citizens have done more, than any other society in the history of the plane, to help improve the civilization of mankind through inventing new technology and products that make human labor easier and cheaper.

Sadly, America’s media would rather prop up a societies that still forces it’s citizens to live in the stone age, than report the truth about their atrocities and their ultimate goals. When the United States is unable to come to the aid of freedom loving people as we have for almost 100 years, it will be the fault of the 5th Estate. An entity that is supposed to keep us informed so we can stay free, not enable the very ones who would enslave us.

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