Mmmm, mmm, mmm. Finger licking good.
And licking your fingers is not considered bad manners if you are in India, or eating with friends from India, as we were lucky enough to do yesterday. It was a fun time and a mildly cross-cultural experience, like the …

18 August 2008  Uncategorized

Its confession time.
Ive had several people make comments about how long its been since Ive posted comments that I brushed off, as people do when they dont want to be confronted by the truth. I even had one friend tell me she finally took my blog …

11 August 2008  Uncategorized

(Note: Yes, Im writing in continuation again. Youll have to go all the way back to the On Being Alive and Well” entry – about four entries back – if you want the whole story. Sorry! Im trying to build up stamina for when I write my …

19 May 2008  Uncategorized

Not quite an hour before the kids left to home, though, my son got sick.
Now, read the post from two days ago, inserting son instead of daughter, and you know how sick he got. That was the second week of illness, made better by the fact that my …

18 May 2008  Uncategorized

On Being Not In Control

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So, I got by with a lot of help from my friends, and Mark was due home on Friday at 3:00. Believe me, I was counting the hours. He was as anxious to be home as I was to have him home. In many ways that whole week …

17 May 2008  Uncategorized

Id like to thank Life for a couple of weeks that were difficult to handle.
No, really, now that it is past, I am thankful for it. While in the midst of itwell, lets just say that I was experiencing some other emotions.
It started when my husband left …

16 May 2008  Uncategorized

Its strange, the things you remember in your life. Some things leave a stronger impression than you’d expect.
One thing that I remember is whenever my foster – mom Sandi heard a siren, she would stop right then and pray for whoever was in the ambulance and for his or …

30 April 2008  Uncategorized

Today is my birthday, and I made quite the sacrifice.
Usually my birthday is a mixture of sweetness and sorrow, and to find out why youll have the read the article I wrote last year at this time, back when I was a bona fide writer for the North State …

6 April 2008  Uncategorized

We need to talk.
Im sure youve figured out by now that Ive been avoiding youit was true, really, what I told you about our computer having some problems, and how incredibly busy I was during birthday party season at our house, and yes, both sets of wonderful parents did …

14 March 2008  Uncategorized

Jane Doe takes very seriously her role in informing you, the above-average citizen, of important issues that needing your attention. (How do I know you are an above-average citizen? Well, youre reading my blog, arent you?)
Weve discussed being prepared for storms.
Weve discussed making choices in life, and …

25 February 2008  Uncategorized
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