I received an e-mail a few days ago scolding me for once again talking about the lameness of Sonoma State’s mascot, the Seawolf. In fact, I’m fairly sure that I’ve made some kind of remark about said mascot every time I’ve mentioned it.
So, out of spite, here is an entire …

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Things To Take From the CCAA’s Biggest Upset Ever

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It’s hard to find much to write about when it comes to the Chico State men’s basketball team anymore. Even with what many, including myself, are calling the CCAA’s biggest upset with last Friday’s win over Cal State San Bernardino, the Wildcats followed it up with a dud against Cal …

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The home games have been big ones lately for the Chico State womens basketball team, still ranked No. 2 in the West Region behind perfect Seattle Pacific. Friday the Wildcats will host Sonoma State, which at 11-5 sits two games behind Chico State and Cal State San Bernardino (both 13-5) …

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Usually when people dont follow through on obligations for a week, theres some ill will involved. Because of that general societal norm, there is a slight pang of guilt associated with me not updating this bad boy as regularly as promised. Originally Id planned on it being a daily blog, …

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Driven by Audi

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Checking out the Chico High girls basketball game yesterday, there was a familiar face in the crowd alum and Chico State’s own Audi Spencer, who is kinda a big deal in that gym.
Another Wildcat and former Panther, Taylor Lydon, has been to a couple games this season as well.
But, …

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Pitching a Fit

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Baseball teams are a little harder for me to gauge than basketball teams. Not that this is important in any way, because in the grand scheme of things well, even in the ungrand scheme it’s not like my take matters. But, if you’re reading this, you probably care …

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Oh, This Drama

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If you ask, “What drama,” I envy you.
Unless you have some kind of disease. I can do without that.
But if you have been following Chico State basketball the past week, you know there’s been plenty of off-court issues for the men’s team.

2 February 2008  Uncategorized
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