More Crime Stories

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Man crushed between his stolen truck, tree at Chico Park and RideEnterprise-RecordThe man, Dennis German, sustained major injuries, according to a ChicoPolice Department press release. The woman, Mayra Morales, was arrested onsuspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, driving under the influencecausing injuries, hit and run …See all stories on …

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Great article on gambling

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I have attached one of the better articles I’ve ever seen about the problems of gambling addiction. The recent decision by the governor of California to allow Indian tribes to move off their reservations is going to open the floodgates of new casinos closer and closer to urban areas.
A …

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Government cronyism

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There is a great article today in the Wall Street Journal about corporate cronyism and how businesses utilize the government to their advantage.
If you look at what goes on in Sacramento every day there are a number of businesses that believe the government should give them a competitive advantage over …

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For some reason no one seems to be talking about all of the propositions. The tax increase and the whacking labor union money, 30 and 32 seem to be getting a lot of play but there’s a whole bunch of other propositions that are just hanging out there.
It seems like …

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Smoke clearing

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Under the observations and musings category of my blog, I just wonder how long the forest fires have to go until there are not enough trees left to constantly make the air Smoky?
I also wonder out loud, after a decade of having every summer ruined by smoky air if the …

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Apple big news

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The thing I’m hoping for most from the big announcement by Apple is that they have restored print functionality to the reminder list on my iPhone and my MacBook.
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And what seems to be an amazing coincidence the new city manager who is coming to Chico was the city manager when I lived in Hemet. I lived in Hemet in 2010 and worked for the local senator who by the way was from Hemet. At the time to City …

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Logue Hearings

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For those of you who missed the story in the major Chico daily newspaper, the labor Commissioner of California came to listen to businesses that have been abused by bureaucrats.
These types of events have come to be known as “Logue job Hearings”. The last time he did one the lieutenant …

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Connect Dots QUIZ

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The California State Standards for education list connecting the dots as one of the basic skills for all third-graders to be eligible for promotion to fourth grade. Below is a short quiz to ensure that your dot connecting abilities are up to the state standards.
Read these headlines from the …

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The workings of the Chico Area Recreation District (CARD) board of directors is a fascinating study in political science. They are the closest thing to the United States Senate I’ve ever seen in a political body.
They are constantly in slow motion. They are deliberative no matter how popular the …

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