The Politicians Just Don’t Get the Sequester’s Intent- (Either do the public workers)

Posted by Garry Cooper   @   30 April 2013 0 comments

By cutting our country’s budget with the sequester, instead of layoffs and wage concessions by our public employees, we get “furlough days” where all that is accomplished is more time off for our overpaid government workers.  That is not what us Americans have in mind, nor is it what is direly needed to put our government’s finances in order.

At every level our government employees are abusing their bosses, the tax payers, with reckless abandon and due to their unions and our deadbeat politicians on their payrolls.   We have firemen raping their communities and bankrupting cities, prison guards dictating policies to fill the jails with folks who need drug treatment or mental health.  We have Government workers retiring at 55 years old and being hired by their cronies in new positions leaving our young unable to get jobs or getting paid exorbitant fees as “consultants” by their old departments.

We American taxpayers want our budget cut—-not our services.   We want our children educated, our communities safe, and our government workers to do their jobs,  not kush retirement and benefit packages for these workers that are breaking the bank.

The politicians and government workers just don’t get it!
















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