I’ve had plenty of opportunities to brush up on my instrument skills lately. It has been rainy. It has been foggy and plenty dark.
This morning I departed in darkness, rain and clouds, cleared to Visalia. The weather forecast for Visalia was for fog and visibility of 1/2 …

21 December 2009  Flying

Last week I was flying with the family on board over to the North Coast. It was severe clear and smooth, with a hundred miles of visibility. We had climbed to about 8000 feet to clear the coast range mountains, and I was …

20 November 2009  Flying

On a recent trip I crossed over the lake just before the sun came up. I crossed the desolation wilderness area and just over the ridge as the lake in all her glory spread out before me. The winds were calm, and the surface of the lake …

26 October 2009  Flying


Teddy missed school yesterday with a high fever. We visited the pediatrician that afternoon, and because he is a member of a “high risk” household (i.e. Daisy) they swabbed him and tested for Swine Flu. Positive. Deep breath.
He seems to be weathering it pretty well. His fever has broken and …

20 October 2009  Flying

This video doesn’t do justice to the sights we beheld. Flight rules recently adopted forced us to cross at 10,000 feet, which doesn’t provide for the best viewing.

19 October 2009  Flying


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Today I climbed a rock formation outside Sedona, Arizona and stood inside a “Vortex.” Now I am not very knowledgeable on the subject, but it was told to me that sometimes photography picks up “orbs” of energy that the naked eye can’t see. I took this photo several times, but …

19 October 2009  Flying

Daisy’s loving Godmother, Corey, resides in the South of France. She finally made her annual visit home this past week and came over to visit with her “miracle child,” as she says. Corey is a wonderful photographer and took some beautiful pictures in our yard.
To see the photos, …

15 October 2009  Flying

A beautiful autumn Saturday in Chico calls for a dusting off of the tandem bicycle and a ride into town to the farmer’s market! Our Trek tandem is set up with a baby seat for one kid, and then we put the other two “chillins” in a tow behind …

10 October 2009  Flying


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My clients just wanted to get home, and they trusted me to get them there. We departed Watsonville about 10 PM and climbed north over the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay. A steady line of commercial jet aircraft could be seen approaching SFO from the south, …

10 October 2009  Flying

Daisy Gets Into It

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Daisy enjoys performing with her sister more than brother does!

6 October 2009  Flying
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