Positive Developments on North Korean Front

Posted by Tina

Peace through strength. Trust but verify. These are the contexts that haveshaped policies and decisions and have been proven to bring positive results in the past. Both are being implemented in matters of national interest and security by the Trump administration. The North Korean problem is a fine example. There are those who cringe and shake when leaders dare to take a forceful defensive posture. Churchill had his critics. Reagan too when he dared to confront the Soviet Union. It follows, then, that Trump would face a similar cadre of violets and daisies wringing their hands and heading for the fallout shelters. “Rocket Man?” How wreckless…how crass!” But guess what…Kim Jong Un has backed down. He is signaling a desire to join the community of nations that prefer peace. He sent an envoy that included his sister to the Olympic Games in South Korea. He will meet with South Korea’s president next Friday for unification talks and finally a formal end to the Korean War. Talks with President Trump are in the works as well. Today the South Korean newswire reported an announcement by Kim, “from April 21, North Korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles.” The Trump administration has applied policies and pressures inspired by the contexts of “peace through strength” and “trust but verify” and it appears to be working. The entire Trump team deserves our gratitude for their hard work.

Only time will tell the story long term. The sincerity and sanity of the N. Korean leader continues to be in question given his crazy antics and human rights abuses. Surely he is being pressured by China, a nation with designs on dominating the entire region. The last thing China wants is an upstart making trouble.

Story posted at Breitbart – National Security

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  1. Libby says:

    I can hardly wait!

  2. J. Soden says:

    We’ve heard this song before.
    Will wait to see what the real results are.

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