Alan Dershowitz on the Impeachment Circus Trial, Updated

By Pie Guevara

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(Updated 2019-12-12 @ 14:21 Thanks to J. Soden’s comment below I have embedded Professor Jonathan Turley’s full opening statement at the impeachment circus trial, er hearing.)

Much thanks to Post Scripts comments section contributor Peggy for this tip. I missed Mark Levin’s Fox News show last Sunday night.

I highly recommend all Post Scripts readers view this segment of “Life, Liberty & Levin”, December 8, 2019. Peggy’s YouTube link did not include the entire Dershowitz on impeachment segment so I went to the source. Also the video probably violates copyright rules and YouTube may take it down. I know this from personal experience as a “Life, Liberty & Levin” vid I posted on YouTube for purposes of embedding it in a Post Scripts blog entry was taken down and I was dinged for a copyright violation.

The video link below also contains a transcript of this segment. You have to sit through an advertisement to view the vid.

My first impulse was to record it, put it up on my YouTube channel and set it up for private (instead of public) viewing so as to embed it in this blog post. But that too would probably result in a copyright infringement. Copyright infringement dings expire in three months (three dings and you’re out) so I will try posting copyrighted material privately in the future to test and see if it is a violation of YouTube rules. Private YouTube videos can only be seen by someone who has the video URL.

I have also contacted Fox News to see if the videos they put up for public streaming can be embedded in this blog like YouTube videos can be.

Alan Dershowitz Interview





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15 Responses to Alan Dershowitz on the Impeachment Circus Trial, Updated

  1. J. Soden says:

    Interesting that Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley are both Democrats saying essentially the same thing, yet they’re both being attacked by their own party.
    In addition, Turley is getting threats to his family and his Goldendoodles from those who didn’t like his testimony. Expect TheDersh to receive the same, but BOTH are worth listening to!

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Dershowitz is a brilliant, knowledgeable, true to form classical liberal who adheres to the principles of liberty and fairness. Unlike his fellow Democrats (progressive fascistic leftist lunatics) he cares about the law, he cares about the Constitution and he embodies wise and thoughtful reason.

      Even so, sometimes his politics annoys the crap out of me. Nevertheless, when the left wing goons and buffoons that now comprise his party cry, wring their hands, tear out their hair, rend their clothes, flagellate themselves and scream “What happened to Dershowitz?” I am filled with love and affection.

  2. Chris The Troll says:

    [Pie here]

    Chris The Troll instead of actually listening to what Dershowitz has to say and addressing what he has to say has attempted to launch a smear campaign to discredit him by loosely imitating what his political leaders in the Democrat party did to Kavanaugh in his confirmation hearing.

    Actually Souza has no need to ape his leaders. Launching personal attacks on anyone whose opinions make him uncomfortable is a tactic typical of Mr. Souza that regular readers of the Post Scripts comments sections should be quite familiar with. He seems to think that attacking the messenger is a legitimate response in lieu of actually responding to what the messenger has to say.

    Evidently Souza does not understand my last comment directed to him. In that comment I informed him that I am, unless otherwise instructed, shutting him down until next Thursday as I believe that Chris The Troll deserves a “time out”. And so do Post Scripts authors and comment contributors deserve a time out from his troll habits. He can try to smear Dershowitz then.

    Post Script readers curious about what the smear is about can copy and paste “dershowitz sued” or “dershowtz sues” or “deshowitz giuffre” (with or without the quotes) into a search engine to get the several court cases either on going or filed.

  3. Peggy says:

    Another must read article, from beginning to end.

    UNSUNG HERO: Admiral Mike Rogers, Obama’s NSA Chief, Discovered Administration’s ‘702’ Illegal Spying Operation and Briefed Trump About Surveillance of Trump Tower:

  4. Chris says:

    Keep in mind this is the same Alan Dershowitz who recently said this: “Of course the president’s not the king; the president’s far more powerful than the king. The president has the power that kings have never had. He has a very, very powerful office, and the framers wanted it that way. That’s why they required for impeachment very strict criteria to be met.” How on earth are this guy’s legal and constitutional theories being accepted by conservatives who proclaim to be for small government? Does anyone here agree that the founders wanted the president to be more powerful than a king?

    • Tina says:

      Fake news reporting makes Trump sound like he’s acting like a king. His comment, “I can do whatever I want,” regarding Mueller, was taken out of context. He does indeed have the Constitutional authority to fire people who work under him in the executive branch. The hoopla in that instance was silly anyway as Mueller was never fired.

      Good article here, “Our Presidents Are Beginning to Act Like Kings,” from 2015 suggests strongly that this trend is nothing new.

      Most modern monarchs have diminished power these days and certainly none are as powerful or influential as the president of the US no matter who he is.

      We need more than a soundbite to determine what Dershowitz meant.

      • Post Scripts says:

        Hi Tina!!! So glad you are able to weigh in on this… thank you! Hope you are feeling better?

      • Chris says:

        Dershowitz’s meaning was clear; he said that the founders intended the president to have more power over their own government than any king. So you’re right that today, the US president has more worldwide power than any king, but since that was not the case when the founders were alive (and certainly was not something they anticipated), that is irrelevant to Dershowitz’s meaning. You’re also right that the president has the power to fire people, like any executive, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have corrupt reasons or that his motive is irrelevant. No one would argue that if he had fired an underling for refusing to sleep with him, his motive wouldn’t matter in evaluating the legality of his actions. So by the same logic, firing Comey because he refused to terminate the initial Russia investigation, and later firing Jeff Sessions because he wouldn’t illegally recuse himself from the Mueller probe, could fairly be seen as instances of obstruction of justice.

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