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Seeking the Better Choice

by Jack Once again we are approaching that decision time where we pick the nation’s leader for the next four years. Because of the controversy surrounding every candidate, including the incumbent, one might argue we don’t have any good choices. … Continue reading

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Open Carry?

by Jack As a gun owner I do believe in the 2nd ammendment and I realize with freedom of any sort, there will be risks associated.  There are a lot crazy people in this world that might get their hands … Continue reading

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Signers of the Declaration of Independence

The Signers of The Declaration of Independence – They pledged their lives and their fortunes in order to create a new nation.   Name State Rep. Date of Birth Birthplace Age in 1776 Occupation Number of Marriages Number of Children … Continue reading

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You Can’t Debate with Crazy People

Posted by Jack Editorial note – If you thought CA entitlements were a magnet before, wait for next year.   Free healthcare for illegal aliens, but not for you Mr. and Mrs. Citizen!  That’s beyond stupid, beyond unfair…it’s nuts.   … Continue reading

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Abortion Discussion – ((((KABOOM!!!))))

by Jack Both the prochoice and prolife  share irrefutable logic as well as overlapping moral concerns and both are very passionate in their belief, that’s a given.  Currently, some states are making it very difficult for a woman to get … Continue reading

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