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Journalism School Apologises

by Jack What is more damaging to the cause of women’s equality than male sexual harassment?  Fake charges of male sexual harassment.   What is more damaging than attacks on marginalized minorities?  Fake stories about attacks on marginalized minorities.  And … Continue reading

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Personal Accountability is Better Than a 10,000 Laws

by Jack Did you hear about the family on a cruise ship that left a toddler with her Grandfather and she fell out of their cabin window?  The fall killed the child.  Everyone agrees it was tragic. The distraught family … Continue reading

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SAN FRANCISCO – Eliminates Judgemental Words

Posted by Jack ONLY IN CA: The words “felon,” “offender,” “convict,” “addict” and “juvenile delinquent” will become part of the past in official San Francisco parlance under new “person first” language guidelines adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Going forward, … Continue reading

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A Good Story of Life

by Jack For the last week the Chico Air Museum, a completely self-funded endeavor, has been host to another self-funded organization, the Commemorative Air Force.   These dedicated professionals give freely of their time, talent and money to bring to … Continue reading

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Dr. Drew Tells Truth About LA Homeless

Posted by Jack Do yourself a favor and spend 8 minutes listening, really listening to what Dr. Drew has to say.   He is talking about a serious state health problem that could emerge into a full blown health crisis … Continue reading

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Meanies on the Left Pick on 8 Year Old Girl

thanks go to Harold for this find… Do it “for the children” is a favorite leftist pitch. As for what liberals do to the children, doxxing and death threats that have silenced a budding little social-media comedy star are a … Continue reading

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Bowling Alone – A Great Book to Read

In part by Jack… In the book Bowling Alone, author Putnam, talks a great deal about the glue that holds a society together and allows it to thrive.   Those things are generalized in the term social capital, in the … Continue reading

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Hope Your 4th was a Good One?

by jack Sorry for the slow postings, I took the weekend off!  But, I am back because we have a lot too discuss.   Couple of things, first is the Iran situation and the border issues.  I’ve also been thinking … Continue reading

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Why Women Live Longer Than Men

  2   3   4   5   7   8   9   10   13     14   15   16   17   18   19   20     22   23   24 … Continue reading

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