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2020 Census Can’t Ask Citizenship Question

by Jack A 2nd federal court judge says a question on census about citizenship is illegal, even though there is past precedence.  The reasoning was because some people that are here illegally might be reluctant to take part in the … Continue reading

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Johnny Visits the House of Representatives

Posted by Jack with a little help from Harold In May 2018, Pelosi said “The wall is in my view immoral” on “Meet the Press. She has repeated that meme a number of times since. ——————————————————————————————————- One day Nancy Pelosi … Continue reading

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Communists, War Crimes and Us

by Jack My friends and I were chatting over coffee the other day and we were talking about the  cold war and this included the Vietnam war.  Then someone asked, “Did the Commies ever charge any of theirs with a … Continue reading

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Hmmm…Chuck Schumer Wants Big Bucks for NY Infrastructure

Posted by Tina Chuck Schumer and Governor Cuomo want to do something about New York’s crumbling infrastructure. They want you and me to pay for it. The price tag, just for the Hudson Tunnel alone is estimated at $29 Billion. … Continue reading

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Update: Vote Harvesting

Posted by Tina Monica Showalter at The American Thinker, citing Steve Miller of Real Clear Investigations, “Bienvenidos a Mexico: California’s ballot-harvesting, sure enough, is borrowed from Mexico” The practice has its roots in Latin America, said K.B. Forbes, a political … Continue reading

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Could the Wall Pay for Itself?

Posted by Tina An interesting opinion was expressed in the National Sentinel about building that Wall: according to a 2017 cost analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers $155 billion annually. If the … Continue reading

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Invasion Update

Posted by Tina There’s a lot going on with the collected invaders at the border in Tijuana. There’s also news that the politics driving policy is shifting: Some 350 of those who joined the “caravan” have become disillusioned and are … Continue reading

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Senator Accuses US Border Patrol – Banned Chemical Weapons

by Jack We all should know by now, the democrats have a hate on for Trump unlike any other in our long political history, uh, President Lincoln excepted.  This blind hate has caused them to do all manner of crazy … Continue reading

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Invasion Marchers Met by Angry Citizens in TJ

Posted by Tina Well, well, well…how to explain brown people “discriminating” against brown people? Will they be labeled “racist” for wanting the caravan to “go home?” A group of mostly male Central Americans broke away from the large groups headed … Continue reading

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Trump Doubles Down on Anchor Babies

by Jack (Left- Marching to America, illegals demanding entry) No presidents in recent history have dared to resolve the highly controversial issue anchor babies and illegal immigrants.   However, for President Trump this is a clear cut issue.  Other nations … Continue reading

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