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Honoring One of America’s Finest Patriots

Posted by Jack Today is Frederick C. Douglass day, although most American’s don’t even know who he was, but we should.   He was a man of true character and vision.  Like MLK, Douglass was a Christian minister and a … Continue reading

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A Look in Review – Ca Dumbest Laws of 2018

by Tom Donnelly The Marxist-Progressives who control California have made their priorities clear (and they’ve faced no real opposition from the timid Republicans): make life easier for criminals and illegal aliens and criminal illegal aliens, while cracking down on law-abiding … Continue reading

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Gov. Browns Signs Water Bill

Posted by Jack To all my smart friends who saw it coming and fled this state….congratulations! You must be breathing a sigh of relief about now, knowing you made an incredibly wise move as CA raised taxes, increased regulations, caused … Continue reading

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Justice for Conservatives and Free Speech at Berkley Campus!

Posted by Tina The Young Americas Foundation and the UC Berkeley College Republicans filed a civil rights lawsuit against UC Berkley a year ago alleging, “…bias in the process of bringing high-profile speakers to campus.” The lawsuit came about after … Continue reading

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Mueller Targeted – Jerome Corsi Files Criminal and Ethics Complaint

Posted by Tina In October NBC reported that Mueller’s office had obtained “communications” that suggested Jerome Corsi had “advance knowledge” that Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman’s (John Podesta) emails had been stolen and handed over to Julian Assange. NBC also … Continue reading

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Hockey Puck Defense

Posted by Tina Students in a Michigan college have been given hockey pucks for self defense in case of a campus shooter and, “as a reminder that you’re not powerless and you’re not helpless in the classroom.” Not a bad … Continue reading

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Woman Sentenced to 4 Years for Making 1000 Fake ID’s and Related Crimes

Posted by Tina Martha Buendia-Chavarria, a Mexican National aged 44, was residing in Marion, Ohio, collecting benefits, and running a false ID mill that produced at least 1000 false documents. Investigators caught up with her in 2017. “Numerous false identification … Continue reading

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Trump Doubles Down on Anchor Babies

by Jack (Left- Marching to America, illegals demanding entry) No presidents in recent history have dared to resolve the highly controversial issue anchor babies and illegal immigrants.   However, for President Trump this is a clear cut issue.  Other nations … Continue reading

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Pursuing A Perfect World

by Jack One crazy person with a gun shot up the Synagogue in Pittsburg, not the GOP, not Trump, not conservatives at large, just one crazy guy who was motivated by what he read in the papers. He was not … Continue reading

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BLEXIT – “Chant of Freedom”

Posted by Tina This election may turn out to be even more unexpected than the last. Races are tightening all across the country making the threat of a big blue wave seem like nothing but a nightmare. Latinos in California … Continue reading

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