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Exposing Gross Ignorance with Ami Horowitz

Posted by Jack Two things that no American should not represent, especially as a college student, extreme  gullibility and stunning ignorance.  Now watch this:    

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Yes! Investigate Them!!

Posted by Tina Questionable, unethical behavior also happened; consequences matter! Allegations against Brett Kavanaugh have already been investigated by the Senate Judiciary Committee and an additional FBI investigation will also take place. But a lot morewas going on last week … Continue reading

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Left Activists Engaging in Threats, Intimidation, and Violence Against the GOP

by Tina Trump has been accused of dividing the country and inciting violence by the losing party. What a crock, as Bruce Sessions used to say. The community organizer president (Obama) ran on and governed by the politics of division … Continue reading

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How Hard Can It Be?

by Tina HOW HARD CAN IT BE… to stand when the US flag is presented and the national anthem plays? HOW HARD when men have risen from lowly slave to NFL star…and more…Justice of the Supreme Court…President! HOW HARD, when … Continue reading

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Gun Violence: Percentage of US Mass Shootings Not Nearly as High as Previously Reported!

Posted by Tina Mass shootings in Chicago, school shootings, and venue shootings all give credence to the widely held belief that America is a violent, dangerous country…that it’s Second Amendment promotes a cowboy-gun-slinging, hillbilly-shotgun-toting culture of violence and mass murder. … Continue reading

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Biggoted SPLC “Hate List” Influences Financial Blacklisting of Donations – David Horowitz Freedom Center

Posted by Tina Democrat and socialist activists are blatantly engaging in the most biggoted attacks we’ve witnessed since the days of the Jim Crow South. First amendment rights are being attacked and squelched through false labeling, intimidation, and lies. The … Continue reading

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Talk About Government Over Reach!

by Jack The State of California passed legislation last year and Governor Brown signed it into law  that makes it mandatory for all healthcare workers complete a class on Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay and Transgendered issues, most often this cost is … Continue reading

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By Jack Recently the notoriously liberal, 9th circuit court, held that open carry of a firearm in CA is legal and that the magazines with more than 10 rounds are also legal, and this is based solely on Constitutional grounds. … Continue reading

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The Judge Denied Her View

Posted by Tina A huge verbal fight broke out between Woopi Goldberg and Judge Jeanine Pirro when the judge accepted an invitation to join the ladies on The View to discuss her new book. I’ve seen the excerpts from the … Continue reading

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Judge Helps Homeless Panhandle

Posted by Jack There is an excellent video crafted by the Sacramento Bee on the website noted below.  It shows the problem posed by panhandling in a fair and honest way. A federal judge ordered an immediate halt Thursday … Continue reading

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