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Kidnapping Data for a Living

by Jack Yesterday, twenty two (22) small towns across Texas were the victims of a massive and coordinated cyber-holdup. The criminals were using a special spyware that locks up the city’s computers until they pay a large ransom.  This works … Continue reading

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AI Pioneer : Break Up Big Tech

Posted by Tina The man who pioneered Artificial Intelligence, Yoshua Bengio, has issued a warning and a call to break up the big tech companies: Yoshua Bengio, the artificial intelligence pioneer, says the centralization of wealth, power and capability in … Continue reading

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Weird Science – Computers Invent New Language

Posted by Jack “Facebook had to pull the plug on an artificial intelligence system that its researchers were working on because things got out of hand. The AI did not start shutting down computers worldwide or something of the sort, … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Football Doomed?

by Jack Sunday Night Football Doomed? Well, perhaps we’re a ways off from that day, but read on . . . For decades the salaries of sports superstars has skyrocketed and some would say, way beyond any sort of rational … Continue reading

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