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Did CNN Suddenly Wake?

Posted by Tina Holy Guacamole! A rare thing happened today. CNN, a network that gave President Trump “93% negative coverage” in the first months of his presidency, acknowledged that President Trump has been a “keeper of promises”: A politician who … Continue reading

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Time Mag Person of Year is the “Silence Breakers”

Posted by Tina There are many more men and women who belong on the “Silence Breakers” list than those you see featured in the photo at left. The list continues to grow. But something else is missing in this celebration … Continue reading

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House Voted 364-58 Against Pursuing Impeachment

Posted by Tina Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green brought an impeachment bill before the House today to disastrous result. Nancy Pelosi and Stenny Hoyer basically told their colleagues to stand down because there was too much the House had to … Continue reading

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US Out of UN Migration and Refugee “Global Framework”

Posted by Tina Ambassador Nikki Haley informed the UN that the United States will not conform to UN mandates on migration and refugees but will instead do what is best for our own country according to our own laws and … Continue reading

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Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) Working on Legislation to Dismantle and Ban Congressional Sexual Harassment Payouts

Thank J Soden for this promising news brought to us through Kristina Wong via Breitbart: “I’m working on legislation to unseal settlement records, bar use of tax dollars to pay claims against members & staff, prohibit members from using office … Continue reading

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President Trump’s Vision to Roll Back the Regulatory State

Posted by Tina Members of President Trump’s administration recently attended a convention to talk about the President’s vision to create savings, opportunity and growth through regulatory reforms. The Washington Times reports: “The president is making fundamental changes to how the … Continue reading

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One Border Agent Murdered, Another Badly Bludgeoned, Over the Weekend

Posted by Tina Our border agents put their lives on the line daily to thwart criminal activity along our border. The truth of that statement was made obvious over the weekend when persons attempting to illegally enter our country killed … Continue reading

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We Need at Least Two More Special Prosecuters

Posted by Tina If you haven’t already read Clarice Feldman’s article, “Why Is the Mueller Investigation like the Schleswig-Holstein Question?” over at The American Thinker please do. She has endeavored to make sense of the Mueller investigation citing observations by … Continue reading

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Rep. Gaetz Introduces Resolution Urging Mueller to Resign

Posted by Tina Speculation about Special Council Robert Muellers ability to investigate the Russian intervention case without prejudice has been hanging in the air for some time. Although people on both sides of the aisle have said he is a … Continue reading

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It’s Manafort – Podesta Next?

Posted by Tina Paul Manafort and Richard Gates III face indictment on twelve counts that include laundering money, conspiracy against the United States, being an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading FARA statements. See full indictment papers … Continue reading

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