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Elizabeth Ann Warren – Worst Candidate for President in 2020

by Jack Warren has one of the most complex and convoluted platforms among all the presidential candidates. Even if I were able to decipher them all you would probably wouldn’t have the time to read it. So, I took a … Continue reading

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The IRS Under Lois Lerner Engaged in Corrupt Practices – Nothing Has Changed

by Jack Anyone who cares about the rule of law  should be appalled that someone at the IRS leaked parts of Donald Trump’s tax records to the media. Tax returns are  considered to be protected property and unlawful p0ssession is … Continue reading

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Rep. Illa Omar Comments Draw Fire From Democrats and Republicans

By Jack Freshman Representative Illa Omar-D drew fire for saying she is tired of being treated like a 2nd class citizen because she is from Somalia and she’s a Muslim.  She inferred that America is a racist country because in … Continue reading

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Mueller Report – A Catastrophe for Millions of True Believers

by Jack The Mueller Report is FINALLY over and the Russia-gate hoax has imploded! For the best part of  two years Democrats and their leftist allies in the news-entertainment business have been monumentally busy trying to keep this hoax alive.  … Continue reading

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Deep State Partisans Started the Collusion Investigation

Posted by Jack As Wednesday’s explosive Michael Cohen hearing illustrated, a number of Clinton–Obama figures have been instigators in the Justice Department‘s 33-month-long Russia probe of President Trump and his family. Attorney Lanny Davis sat behind former Trump attorney Cohen, … Continue reading

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Re Insurance Policies: Christopher Steele Testimony in London Court

Posted by Tina Boyoboyoboy…that Hillary girl had more than a few insurance policies going for her in the last election. One involves Christopher Steel. Unless he’s perguring himself, Christopher Steel just spilled his guts in a London Courtroom and it … Continue reading

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FEC Docs: H Clinton Campaign Laundered $84 Million

Posted by Tina Hillary Clinton was determined to be our next president in 2016. She, and all who supported her, believed she could not lose. One reason for the confidence may have been that her campaign gobbled up alot of … Continue reading

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CA Dems Legally Harvested Ballots to Defeat Republicans

Posted by Tina A number of Republican candidates in strong conservative areas held substantial leads prior to election day. They also lost on election day. They won the count of both absentee and in person voters. But they lost those … Continue reading

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A Faint Light Shines at the end of the Tunnel

by Jack Dems won the House, GOP won the Senate and there was no discernable referendum on Trump’s presidency. Despite the hopes of democrats and the fears of Republicans, the blue tidal wave never got beyond a ripple in the … Continue reading

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Trump’s Healthcare Changes Lower Costs and Improve Lives

Posted by Tina Some Trump accomplishments just don’t get much attention. 1. Speeding up the process for approval of generic drugs. A record 971 generic drugs were approved in the last fiscal year. The year before 937 generic drugs were … Continue reading

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