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Better Legislation Proposed

Posted by Jack SAC-Bee:  California Gov. Gavin Newsom is not the only one fed up with PG&E’s latest round of power shutoffs. Republicans representing the area affected by last year’s deadly Camp Fire are calling on the utility to spend … Continue reading

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3rd World California

by Jack I’m not sure of the real reasoning, but yesterday 60,000 homes in 5 counties had an extended blackout until the win died down.   In some cases this could last for over 24 hours until PG&E turns the … Continue reading

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Pump Prices and California Corruption – A Special Report

by Jack Editor’s note:  If you like this article and found it helpful, please feel free to copy it and send to your friends.   29 May 2019 – Feeling the pinch at the pumps? We hear you and for … Continue reading

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If They Were Not Stealing They Would Be Alive

TLAHUELILPAN, Mexico (AP) — Forensic experts attempted to separate and count charred heaps of corpses in central Mexico on Saturday after a massive fireball erupted at an illegal pipeline tap, killing at least 66 people.  More than 85 other people … Continue reading

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Gov. Browns Signs Water Bill

Posted by Jack To all my smart friends who saw it coming and fled this state….congratulations! You must be breathing a sigh of relief about now, knowing you made an incredibly wise move as CA raised taxes, increased regulations, caused … Continue reading

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EPA Chief Resigns

by Jack Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt resigned from his position, President Donald Trump announced Thursday. In a pair of tweets, Trump said that Pruitt had offered his resignation and that the president had accepted. “I have accepted the … Continue reading

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Scientific American: Climate “Crisis” not that “Big a Deal”

Posted by Tina The science journal, Scientific American, has taken a bold step in publishing a report on two essays that dramatically downplay alarmism in the global climate movement and suggest human beings have the tools to meet whatever challenges … Continue reading

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Governor Brown To Californians Wildfires are “New Normal”

Posted by Tina Wildfires are the “new normal” according to Governor Brown, and we’re just going to have to get used to it…obviously Gerry Brown is not a problem solver. But he is a politician and wildfires are valuable political … Continue reading

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President Trump’s Vision to Roll Back the Regulatory State

Posted by Tina Members of President Trump’s administration recently attended a convention to talk about the President’s vision to create savings, opportunity and growth through regulatory reforms. The Washington Times reports: “The president is making fundamental changes to how the … Continue reading

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Billions Spent – Solar Power Produces Whopping 1% of Energy – Wowee!

by Jack There’s probably more ad disinformation in the solar industry than any other business. The plethora of solar companies that have sprung up almost overnight in California make tempting promises of savings from $25,000 and more, a lot more, … Continue reading

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