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Better Legislation Proposed

Posted by Jack SAC-Bee:  California Gov. Gavin Newsom is not the only one fed up with PG&E’s latest round of power shutoffs. Republicans representing the area affected by last year’s deadly Camp Fire are calling on the utility to spend … Continue reading

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Scandal in Sacramento – PG&E vs Democrats

by Jack The Wall Street Journal had a great op-ed piece that was noted in comments 10/28/19 by reader RHT.  Among the more salient points of the article was this quote,  by the governor of California,  “It’s about dog-eat-dog capitalism … Continue reading

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Suing PG&E Over Fires

by Jack PG&E is a public utility company, meaning their rates are regulated by the government. About 10 years ago they tried a free floating price on energy, but the State of California and PG&E quickly found out, that you … Continue reading

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Lockheed Martin Gets Patent for It’s Compact Fusion Reactor

Posted by Tina Wow…breakthrough anyone? A local CBS affiliate in Washington reports: CBS Local — Lockheed Martin has reportedly been working on a revolutionary new type of reactor that can power anything from cities to aircraft carriers. The Maryland-based defense … Continue reading

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Save Up to 40% Off Your Gas Bill this Winter?

by Jack The doorbell rings, you answer and a young man or women steps back off your porch, so as not to appear intimidating. And he or she says they are conducting an energy audit in the nieghborhood and did … Continue reading

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Jefferson: CA Increase in Gas Tax Explained

Posted by Tina Our friends over at the State of Jefferson project got to wondering what California lawmakers really had in mind when they passed an increase in gasoline taxes. They consulted with Jon Coupal from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers … Continue reading

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Billions in Subsidies: Elon Musk Targeted in Crony Capitalism Probe

Posted by Tina The Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee are investigating solar companies that may have improperly received billions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies. SolarCity, a company run by Elon Musk’s cousins is at the … Continue reading

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Indians Get Their Way – Arab Oil Dependence Stronger – National Security Weakened

by Jack It is an issue that has galvanized many Native Americans tribes, environmentalists, leftist activists and even the Green Party. These groups claim the Trans Canada Keystone XL (Export Limited) Pipeline, will destroy and poison huge swathes of Indian … Continue reading

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