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What Happened to the Deficit?

by Jack The politics of the deficit seems to have disappeared, nobody is talking about it anymore. But, the ugly truth is, the deficit hasn’t gone away or even slowed.   The U.S. federal budget deficit for fiscal year 2019 … Continue reading

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Hmmm…Chuck Schumer Wants Big Bucks for NY Infrastructure

Posted by Tina Chuck Schumer and Governor Cuomo want to do something about New York’s crumbling infrastructure. They want you and me to pay for it. The price tag, just for the Hudson Tunnel alone is estimated at $29 Billion. … Continue reading

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Dem Handouts and Tax Proposals Won’t Work

Posted by Tina As members of the newly acquired Democrat controlled House, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker have plans to “help” lower income taxpayers: In October, Booker proposed taxpayer-funded savings accounts that would give a federal “opportunity account” containing $1,000 … Continue reading

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Posted by Tina “Build the Wall” became a battle cry for supporters of President Trump in the last election. Trump and his supporters have been wrongly accused of racism and hatred but the issue for those accused is the rule … Continue reading

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Meet the “Ridiculous” Federal Bureaucracy

Posted by Tina Office of Management & Budget Director Mick Mulvaney gave a presentation to the President and his cabinet to explain the complex workings of the federal bureaucracy…it stunned even the press who were allowed to remain in the … Continue reading

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Ben Carson is Quietly Making HUD More Efficient

Posted by Tina It’s been a year since Ben Carson took over as the Secretary of HUD. He’s been quietly draining the swamp and cleaning out corrupt practices that have plagued this department for years. Horace Cooper,a Co-Chairman of the … Continue reading

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Will Republicans Succeed in Pulling Back Spending?

Posted by Tina Hmmm, it seems that maybe, just maybe (fingers crossed), the outrageous spending bill recently passed can be adjusted downward. Speaker Ryan is in favor of the move, according to Clarice Feldman and the best part is that … Continue reading

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House Passes Massive Six Month Spending Bill

Posted by Tina Update at 4:18 PM: Daily Caller, “Budget Passes House, But Nearly 100 Republicans Voted Against It” A bipartisan $1.3 trillion spending bill passed in the House today in a 256-167 vote. Twenty-five outraged Republicans stood in defiance … Continue reading

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Scientific American: Climate “Crisis” not that “Big a Deal”

Posted by Tina The science journal, Scientific American, has taken a bold step in publishing a report on two essays that dramatically downplay alarmism in the global climate movement and suggest human beings have the tools to meet whatever challenges … Continue reading

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Big Government is Here to Stay

by Jack From the Washington Post, “Republicans propelled themselves to power in Washington by promising an end to fiscal recklessness. They are now embracing the kind of free spending and budget deficits they once claimed to loathe. Congress is debating … Continue reading

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