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The Folly of Big Government – Our Massive Debt Highlighted

Posted by Tina There are many good articles to read today but when I found one by Walter Williams I just knew he’d have something valuable to say…I wasn’t disappointed: “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than … Continue reading

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Did CNN Suddenly Wake?

Posted by Tina Holy Guacamole! A rare thing happened today. CNN, a network that gave President Trump “93% negative coverage” in the first months of his presidency, acknowledged that President Trump has been a “keeper of promises”: A politician who … Continue reading

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Rex Tillerson Downsizes at State

Posted by Tina We’re approaching the final lap of the first year in the Trump presidency. Among the many accomplishments that have contributed to the fulfillment of Trumps agenda is the downsizing of government bureaucracy. Cleaning out excessive or corrupting … Continue reading

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President Trump’s Vision to Roll Back the Regulatory State

Posted by Tina Members of President Trump’s administration recently attended a convention to talk about the President’s vision to create savings, opportunity and growth through regulatory reforms. The Washington Times reports: “The president is making fundamental changes to how the … Continue reading

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Hearing Footsteps Republicans? Democrats to Unveil a “Better Deal Economic Agenda” Monday

UPDATE: The Hill reports, “Schumer: Dems, not Russia, are to blame for loss to Trump”: “When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things – [James] Comey, Russia – you blame yourself,” Schumer said … Continue reading

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House: Homeland Security Spending Bill Includes $$ for The Wall

Posted by Tina A proposed homeland security spending bill in the House includes $1.8 billion to begin the construction of The Wall in 2018 (32 miles of new border fencing in Texas, 28 miles of levee on the Rio Grande, … Continue reading

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Trump Was Right on Climate Accord, Some Nations Playing US for Dollars

Posted by Tina Anyone with a bit of common sense, and our President has a plenty of it, knows that the Climate Accord set the US up as the biggest sucker on the planet. Trump was wise not to sign … Continue reading

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Infratsructure: Trump Exposes Expensive Pointless Regulation

Posted by Tina In a meeting last week on infrastructure planning President Trump dropped binders of regulations on the stage to make a point. The binders represented an environmental assessment report that cost taxpayers $24,000 per page and delayed projects … Continue reading

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DOJ Ends “Slush Fund” for “Radical Left-Wing” Groups

Posted by Tina Congressional investogaters found that the Obama administration funneled billions of dollars to activist organizations through a Department of Justice special fund. Jeff Sessions is ending that practice. He’s draining the swamp and restoring the rule of law! … Continue reading

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Taxpayer Alert!

Posted by Tina From the Washington Times: The Obama administration issued a record number of new regulations on its way out the door in 2016, leaving an administrative state that saps the economy of nearly $2 trillion a year, according … Continue reading

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