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DC Pharmacy Delivers Alzheimers Meds to Congress

Posted by Tina * UPDATE CLARIFICATION: Pharmacist Dr. Michael Kim issued an apology and a statement in an email to FOX News: “The comment was made in a hypothetical joking way which was not conveyed in the article,” Kim said … Continue reading

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Life’s Peaks and Valley’s

Posted by Jack Thanks to Business Insider we have the following scientific tidbits for your amusement. . . Learning a second language is easiest when you’re around 7 or 8. Linguists and psychologists are still very much arguing about this … Continue reading

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BORON – You Need It!

Posted by jack (thanks go to Soaps for this discovery) I think you better read this…. if it’s true it could be life altering: John Claydon D.Hom with extracts from ‘Beating Arthritis & Beating Osteoporosis’ by Dr. Rex E Newman … Continue reading

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Olympics an International Showcase for Failure and Corruption

J Soden set me on a path of discovery about the modern Olympic games. Like just about everything else “international,” the games have gotten more corrupt and dysfunctional year after year. Funding and management problems were present in the games … Continue reading

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Health Tips From a Japanese Doctor

Q: Doctor, I’ve heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true? A: Heart only good for so many beats, and that it… Don’t waste on exercise. Everything wear out eventually. Speeding up heart not make you live longer; … Continue reading

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Marine Study: Mixed Combat Units Don’t Mix

Posted by Tina The President and Defense Secretary Ash Carter are strongly in favor of opening all combat units to women. But a new study, conducted by the Marine Corp, should put a damper on that ambitious (feminist) agenda: “The … Continue reading

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Do You Have a High Risk of Heart Attack? Find Out Here

from the American Heart Association 5 minute exam to determine your risk of heart attack or stroke. Click here

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Human DNA Strands Make Cheese

Thanks go to Chuck for this morsel… Got a little lactose problem, can’t drink milk or eat foods with milk products in them?  Good news, now you can have milkless cheese thanks to a break-thru in DNA research.  Strands of human … Continue reading

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Artificial Turf and Lead Exposure

by Jack Despite the EPA claim that it’s perfectly safe, a number of recent studies are concluding that unacceptably high levels of lead are leached from artificial turf, this is the kind commonly used in playgrounds. The EPA is walking … Continue reading

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Dancing, Grrrrrreat Exercise for Body and Mind!

Posted by Jack As some of you already know I’m a member of the Retried Public Employees Association for the Chico area. As part of our ongoing program we invite guest speakers to our luncheons. Next month, Feb. 5th, we’re … Continue reading

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