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Why I am Critical of California

by Jack It’s been said that I am critical of my home state of California….ha, like I am the only one.  Ok, here’s the way I see it and feel free to disagree or throw rocks at me, whatever. I … Continue reading

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Teachers Will Soon Be Allowed to Carry

posted by Jack Last year, the legislature created a “guardian” program that allows districts to arm school staff, with the exception of teachers who “exclusively perform classroom duties,” according to the Miami Herald. The new bill would remove that exception. … Continue reading

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Liberals Say More Censorship – More Gun Control Needed

by Jack Nary a day can pass without a global headline reminding us why it’s still better to be living in America. Today’s reminder comes from New Zealand: “New Zealand bans ‘manifesto’ of Christchurch mosque gunman as more than 1,000 … Continue reading

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New Zealand’s Homicide Rate Doubles in One Day

by Jack An attack on a New Zealand mosque took the lives of 49 worshippers Friday and left dozens more wounded when a white male opened fire and live-streamed the shootings. In the wake of this disaster, government officials are … Continue reading

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Hawaii Dems Make 1st Move to Repeal 2nd Ammendment

by Jack Before you start reading below, can you recall anything in the last 2 years that the GOP did to protect the 2nd amendment?   No? Neither can I.  But, on the other side of the isle the dems … Continue reading

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Hockey Puck Defense

Posted by Tina Students in a Michigan college have been given hockey pucks for self defense in case of a campus shooter and, “as a reminder that you’re not powerless and you’re not helpless in the classroom.” Not a bad … Continue reading

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Pursuing A Perfect World

by Jack One crazy person with a gun shot up the Synagogue in Pittsburg, not the GOP, not Trump, not conservatives at large, just one crazy guy who was motivated by what he read in the papers. He was not … Continue reading

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Synagogue Shooter Kills Eight Injures Others, Including Cops

Posted by Tina This morning a man described as a “a Trump-hating antisemite who regularly complained on social media about the president and ‘the infestation’ of Jews” was arrested after killing six people (eleven according to the headline?) and injuring … Continue reading

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Gun Violence: Percentage of US Mass Shootings Not Nearly as High as Previously Reported!

Posted by Tina Mass shootings in Chicago, school shootings, and venue shootings all give credence to the widely held belief that America is a violent, dangerous country…that it’s Second Amendment promotes a cowboy-gun-slinging, hillbilly-shotgun-toting culture of violence and mass murder. … Continue reading

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by Jack One of the phenomena’s of this age is the rise of the active shooter situation. We now see classes popping up on how to deal with this in many communities, often taught by law enforcement. It’s just my … Continue reading

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