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What If… History

by Jack My last comment to J.S. got me thinking about how different the world might be today without the United States.  The following is a little exploring of that “what if” question.  The map below depicts what North America … Continue reading

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Iranians for Freedom? You Bet!!!

Posted by Tina A growing number of Iranians are hitting the streets to protest the Mullahs and demand their freedom. To that end a conference was held in Paris on Friday: In Paris Friday, freedom-loving Iranians held a major “Free … Continue reading

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Poverty in US – Nikki Haley Isn’t Taking Any Guff

Posted by Tina Thank God for Nikki Haley. She isn’t taking any guff from radical socialists like Bernie Sanders in the US or the haughty ambassadors at the UN who play political games all day long, (mostly) on our dime: … Continue reading

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YouTube Shooter Identified

Posted by Tina While the media continue to hammer Trump (tariffs and Russia, Russia, Russia) life goes on. Life ended for Nasim Aghdam at her own hand yesterday when her angry vengeful spirit overflowed and she went on a shooting … Continue reading

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Projection Psychology: “there’s no such thing as a ‘straight’ man or woman”

Posted by Tina (warning: photo at link might be considered inappropriate for children) An article at Indy 100 demonstrates the way psycological projection is influencing society, “The study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, argues that there’s … Continue reading

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The State of U.S. Mental Health Intervention

Posted by Tina and Consider the numbers of homeless and incarcerated mentally ill persons in America. Consider the panhandlers that disrupt business and pose health issues. Consider the poor lost souls wondering aimlessly without purpose or a safe harbor. Consider … Continue reading

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The NRA – Training for a Proficient Militia

by Tina The National Rifle Association, once respected and revered, has been under attack from the extreme left for several decades. The NRA is reviled because of their resistance to ever increasing calls for infringements to Second Amendment rights. Our … Continue reading

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Socially Incidental Role Models

Posted by Tina High fashion can’t be credited for the sick state of society but it can act as an indicator of the unprincipled depravity infecting our world. One of the world’s best known high fashion names, Gucci, serves as … Continue reading

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High Level Talks North Korea?

Posted by Tina It’s hard to say what might have moved Kim Jong Un to make the decision. Was it good old fashioned planning and diplomacy, the silly factor of recent Tweets, or the embarrassing news that one of Kim’s … Continue reading

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US Out of UN Migration and Refugee “Global Framework”

Posted by Tina Ambassador Nikki Haley informed the UN that the United States will not conform to UN mandates on migration and refugees but will instead do what is best for our own country according to our own laws and … Continue reading

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