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Hospital E-Rs, a Dangerous Place to Work

by Jack My daughter is a 1st Responder (ambulance)  in the bay area  and she see reports that our ER’s are starting to come under siege by the homeless.   She says there are some  emergency waiting rooms that you … Continue reading

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Better Legislation Proposed

Posted by Jack SAC-Bee:  California Gov. Gavin Newsom is not the only one fed up with PG&E’s latest round of power shutoffs. Republicans representing the area affected by last year’s deadly Camp Fire are calling on the utility to spend … Continue reading

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Scandal in Sacramento – PG&E vs Democrats

by Jack The Wall Street Journal had a great op-ed piece that was noted in comments 10/28/19 by reader RHT.  Among the more salient points of the article was this quote,  by the governor of California,  “It’s about dog-eat-dog capitalism … Continue reading

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CA Leads the Nation Again –

by Jack The liberals controlling the CA government from top to bottom have prioritized our needs and determined it was necessary to pass new legislation to aid many of our residents….  Was it lower sales taxes?  No.  Was it a … Continue reading

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Ilhan Omar in the Headlines Again

by Jack What do you think about this silly woman?  She is sure grabbing headlines – do you think it’s time that Pelosi reel her in?  Or maybe she should be impeached for un-American activities? No? Too early yet, ok…but, … Continue reading

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Why I am Critical of California

by Jack It’s been said that I am critical of my home state of California….ha, like I am the only one.  Ok, here’s the way I see it and feel free to disagree or throw rocks at me, whatever. I … Continue reading

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CA Leaving the Union One Bill at a Time?

posted by Jack Proposed California Bill… Ban Contracts with Companies Sharing Data with ICE, Border Patrol By Marivic Cabural Summers   Credits: Wikipedia   California may soon prohibit cities and counties from doing business with companies cooperating with the Immigration … Continue reading

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A Case for Freedom

by Jack A case for freedom…. The truth that the left does not want to hear is what the right holds to be self evident. That is: Freedom equals opportunity. Opportunity leads to innovation.  Innovation leads to progress.  Progress leads … Continue reading

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Hmmm…Chuck Schumer Wants Big Bucks for NY Infrastructure

Posted by Tina Chuck Schumer and Governor Cuomo want to do something about New York’s crumbling infrastructure. They want you and me to pay for it. The price tag, just for the Hudson Tunnel alone is estimated at $29 Billion. … Continue reading

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Say Hello to My Little Friend, the New Retroactive Text Tax

by Jack Hot off the wire… the new CA governor and his pals are preparing a new tax for 2019, a “text tax” on cell phones to be precise. This tax is to be retroactive for 5 years and will … Continue reading

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