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Tax Bill Passes

Posted by Tina I will be busy today and tomorrow but had to post the great news that republicans in congress finally got their act together to pass a major tax cut and reform bill. No Democrats participated, instead they … Continue reading

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McCain On Board for Tax Cuts

Posted by Tina Christmas is the season for miracles and boy did we see one today! Senator John McCain, Republican Arizona, finally climbed aboard the tax cut train. The result was an immediate rise to over 24K on the stock … Continue reading

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House Moves to End Obamacare “Death Panels”

Posted by Tina In a surprisingly bipartisan fashion the House of Representatives voted to repeal the death panel provision in Obamacare, according to The American Spectator: Late Thursday afternoon the House of Representatives voted 307-111 to repeal one of Obamacare’s … Continue reading

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2016 Income Tax Breakdown – Top 20% Paid 95%

Posted by Tina The numbers are in. They illustrate the absurdity of the left’s war chant, “No tax cuts for the rich!” When the upper 20% of taxpayers pay 95% of the taxes and the bottom 50% pay zero, it’s … Continue reading

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Trump’s Detailed Immigration Plan Sent to Congress

Posted by Tina President Trump sent leaders in both houses of Congress a letter containing a detailed outline of his administration’s “principles for reforming our Nation’s immigration system.” (See below) Looks like the President is prepared to negotiate a deal … Continue reading

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Steve Scalise Returns to Capitol Hill

Posted by Tina Steve Scalise returned to the chamber of the House of Representatives today three months after being shot in a baseball park where he was practicing with fellow republicans in anticipation of the annual congressional baseball game held … Continue reading

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DACA – Will Congress Get it Right?

Posted by Tina DACA, the pseudo-amnesty program created illegally by former President Obama has been put on the chopping block by President Trump with a six months window for Congress to finally address problems created by lax and problematic immigration … Continue reading

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Dred Scott Decision Determined by Democrat Justice

by Jack As his statue is being torn down from in front of the capitol building in Maryland, I wondered who Justice Taney was?   Turns out he was a very active democrat, a slave owner in the northern state … Continue reading

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Against the Wanton Destruction of US History and Monuments

Posted by Tina I’m appalled and deeply opposed to the leftist movement to rewrite our history and destroy monuments that represent and teach future generations the truth about our history. I implore all citizens to seek out the truth of … Continue reading

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Trump, Senators Announce Proposal for Legal Immigration Reform – The RAISE Act

Posted by Tina The RAISE Act should cause a few heads to explode on both sides of the aisle but it moves the conversation about immigration in a positive direction. It also aligns nicely with Trumps promise to Make America … Continue reading

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