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A Case for Freedom

by Jack A case for freedom…. The truth that the left does not want to hear is what the right holds to be self evident. That is: Freedom equals opportunity. Opportunity leads to innovation.  Innovation leads to progress.  Progress leads … Continue reading

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Communists, War Crimes and Us

by Jack My friends and I were chatting over coffee the other day and we were talking about the  cold war and this included the Vietnam war.  Then someone asked, “Did the Commies ever charge any of theirs with a … Continue reading

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Gov. Browns Signs Water Bill

Posted by Jack To all my smart friends who saw it coming and fled this state….congratulations! You must be breathing a sigh of relief about now, knowing you made an incredibly wise move as CA raised taxes, increased regulations, caused … Continue reading

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Socialism Causes Workers to Riot in France

by Jack The growth of socialism has come to the end of the road in France. The socialists have taxed the middle class right into poverty and the people have had enough. The average working person must ask themselves, what … Continue reading

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CA Dems Legally Harvested Ballots to Defeat Republicans

Posted by Tina A number of Republican candidates in strong conservative areas held substantial leads prior to election day. They also lost on election day. They won the count of both absentee and in person voters. But they lost those … Continue reading

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Justice for Conservatives and Free Speech at Berkley Campus!

Posted by Tina The Young Americas Foundation and the UC Berkeley College Republicans filed a civil rights lawsuit against UC Berkley a year ago alleging, “…bias in the process of bringing high-profile speakers to campus.” The lawsuit came about after … Continue reading

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Trump’s Healthcare Changes Lower Costs and Improve Lives

Posted by Tina Some Trump accomplishments just don’t get much attention. 1. Speeding up the process for approval of generic drugs. A record 971 generic drugs were approved in the last fiscal year. The year before 937 generic drugs were … Continue reading

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Nazi Behavior – A Comparison

Posted by Tina President Trump has been labeled a “Nazi” and compared, without evidence, “Hitler.” The left knows no bounds in it’s commitment to destroy it’s “enemies,” quote Barack Obama in 2007 who said in a radio interview aimed at … Continue reading

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BLEXIT – “Chant of Freedom”

Posted by Tina This election may turn out to be even more unexpected than the last. Races are tightening all across the country making the threat of a big blue wave seem like nothing but a nightmare. Latinos in California … Continue reading

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Left Activists Engaging in Threats, Intimidation, and Violence Against the GOP

by Tina Trump has been accused of dividing the country and inciting violence by the losing party. What a crock, as Bruce Sessions used to say. The community organizer president (Obama) ran on and governed by the politics of division … Continue reading

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