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Iranians for Freedom? You Bet!!!

Posted by Tina A growing number of Iranians are hitting the streets to protest the Mullahs and demand their freedom. To that end a conference was held in Paris on Friday: In Paris Friday, freedom-loving Iranians held a major “Free … Continue reading

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De Souza: Death of a Nation – Aug 3

Posted by Tina Dinesh Desouza’s latest film compares Trumps presidency to that of Lincoln in his latest film. See trailer at Can we save America a second time? Not since 1860 have the Democrats so fanatically refused to accept … Continue reading

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Big Socialist Wins Dem Primary in New York

Posted by Tina New York: A deep blue wave just hit the moderates of the Democrat Party as voters chose an avowed socialist to replace the incumbent: (CNN)Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Latina running her first campaign, ousted 10-term incumbent Rep. … Continue reading

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Maxine’s Violent Comrades – Expect Bombs!

Posted by Tina Acts of animosity and resentment are flairing up all over. Republicans are suddenly being verbally assaulted in public, indicating that Maxines outburst yesterday was part of a planned strategy. Senator Mitch McConnel and his wife, Transportation Secretary … Continue reading

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Red Hen Refuses Service to Sarah Huckabee-Sanders

by Jack The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA., is located about 200 miles from Washington D.C. So, it came as a surprise that Sarah Huckabee-Sanders might be dining in their small eatery. It all began when the Chef at … Continue reading

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Poverty in US – Nikki Haley Isn’t Taking Any Guff

Posted by Tina Thank God for Nikki Haley. She isn’t taking any guff from radical socialists like Bernie Sanders in the US or the haughty ambassadors at the UN who play political games all day long, (mostly) on our dime: … Continue reading

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Historic Agreement in Singapore

Posted by Tina I’ll say what the main stream left crazed media won’t say…Donald Trump and his magnifiscent team have made history and opened doors to North Korea that previously have been locked shut. The agreement, signed by President Donald … Continue reading

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Is Objectivity a “White Myth?”

Posted by Tina What is it to be objective about a subject or to look at situations objectively? And does race play any part in a persons ability to be objective? Students attending Hobart and William Smith Colleges next Fall … Continue reading

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Iran: “Religion of Peace” Government Celebrates Death at Parade

Posted by Tina Iran can’t be happy with our new President’s stance on the Iran deal. But the leaders of this country don’t need an excuse to hate and promote death. Iran is the world’s most prolific sponsor of terror. … Continue reading

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Diamond and Silk Fight Back!

Posted by Tina I doubt you could find two women who are more animated in their support for Donald Trump that Diamond and Silk. They were targeted by Facebook months ago and recently blocked and labeled as being “unsafe to … Continue reading

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