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Left Activists Engaging in Threats, Intimidation, and Violence Against the GOP

by Tina Trump has been accused of dividing the country and inciting violence by the losing party. What a crock, as Bruce Sessions used to say. The community organizer president (Obama) ran on and governed by the politics of division … Continue reading

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Economy: Trend Lines Debunk Obama’s Me Too Spin!!

Posted by Tina You know it had to happen because President Obama’s claim, that the booming economy was just the continuation of an ongoing trend, was ridiculous. A group of economy geeks decided to test Obama’s theory…the result is not … Continue reading

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How Hard Can It Be?

by Tina HOW HARD CAN IT BE… to stand when the US flag is presented and the national anthem plays? HOW HARD when men have risen from lowly slave to NFL star…and more…Justice of the Supreme Court…President! HOW HARD, when … Continue reading

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Biggoted SPLC “Hate List” Influences Financial Blacklisting of Donations – David Horowitz Freedom Center

Posted by Tina Democrat and socialist activists are blatantly engaging in the most biggoted attacks we’ve witnessed since the days of the Jim Crow South. First amendment rights are being attacked and squelched through false labeling, intimidation, and lies. The … Continue reading

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America Was Never Great?

Posted by Tina New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told a group of people at a bill-signing event yesterday that America was never great, apparently in an attempt to disparage Trumps MAGA slogan: “We’re not going to make America great again. … Continue reading

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The National Anthem as You’ve Never Heard It

by Jack Please set aside just a few minutes from your busy day to appreciate a little bit of your heritage.  This is where your pedigree, as an American, and from time to time I think it worth remembering.  If … Continue reading

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Iranians for Freedom? You Bet!!!

Posted by Tina A growing number of Iranians are hitting the streets to protest the Mullahs and demand their freedom. To that end a conference was held in Paris on Friday: In Paris Friday, freedom-loving Iranians held a major “Free … Continue reading

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De Souza: Death of a Nation – Aug 3

Posted by Tina Dinesh Desouza’s latest film compares Trumps presidency to that of Lincoln in his latest film. See trailer at Can we save America a second time? Not since 1860 have the Democrats so fanatically refused to accept … Continue reading

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Big Socialist Wins Dem Primary in New York

Posted by Tina New York: A deep blue wave just hit the moderates of the Democrat Party as voters chose an avowed socialist to replace the incumbent: (CNN)Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Latina running her first campaign, ousted 10-term incumbent Rep. … Continue reading

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Maxine’s Violent Comrades – Expect Bombs!

Posted by Tina Acts of animosity and resentment are flairing up all over. Republicans are suddenly being verbally assaulted in public, indicating that Maxines outburst yesterday was part of a planned strategy. Senator Mitch McConnel and his wife, Transportation Secretary … Continue reading

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