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The following is excerpted from a transcript of the Rush Limbaugh show on Wednesday in which, as is his custom, he recounts the story of the First Thanksgiving. Rush has a wonderful way of conveying the history that many of … Continue reading

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Deadly Murder in Texas Church – Heartless Opportunistic Democrats Immediately Politicize as More than Twenty Lay Dead and Others Are Wounded.

Posted by Tina The shooter is described as a 26 year old white male wearing full body black tactical gear who fled the scene in his vehicle and was later killed, either by authorities who chased him down or by … Continue reading

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CA Female Lawmakers, Staffers and Lobbyists: ‘pervasive’ harassment in California’s Capitol”

Posted by Tina The LA Times headline, “Female lawmakers, staffers and lobbyists speak out on ‘pervasive’ harassment in California’s Capitol,” comes as no surprise at all given recent revelations about the Weinstein boys. Let’s face it California has been a … Continue reading

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Chico Community Watch (An Interview with Trevor Skaggs)

by Jack The Chico Community Watch group held a meeting last night to discuss issues with the homeless. After the meeting I had an opportunity to speak with Trevor Skaggs (see photo below on left).   Trevor has been a volunteer … Continue reading

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Doctor: “United States medical system is approaching that of communism.”

Posted by Tina Obamacare has changed medicine in the United States. It has created a system of winners and losers. It has driven small insurers out of the marketplace and created huge monopolistic insurers that rely on government for subsidies. … Continue reading

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Against the Wanton Destruction of US History and Monuments

Posted by Tina I’m appalled and deeply opposed to the leftist movement to rewrite our history and destroy monuments that represent and teach future generations the truth about our history. I implore all citizens to seek out the truth of … Continue reading

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Charlottesville and Racism

by Jack Putting things into perspective…. It was not the first time a car was used as a battering ram. However, unlike prior incidents, this guy apparently drove right past many counter protestors walking in the street. They should have … Continue reading

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Jason Riley’s Latest Challenge to Conventional Wisdom

Posted by Tina Jason Riley’s latest book, ‘False Black Power’ is featured at ABC News today. The book challenges conventional wisdom about success and failure for blacks in America following the civil war up until today. Riley uses history to … Continue reading

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Combating Gun Violence: ATF Agents Sent to Chicago

Posted by Tina The President vowed to enforce America’s laws.Today he sent 20 additional ATF agents to Chicago to combat the gang violence that terrorizes neighborhoods and has resulted in staggering minority youth murders. The ATF agents are working with … Continue reading

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The Importance of Federalism

J. Soden writes, “Excellent David French article in Wednesday’s National Review Online.” French says the answer to all of the division in our nation is a strong federalism in which California can be California and Tennessee and be Tennessee while … Continue reading

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