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It’s Like a Plague. . .

by Jack Like a plague sweeping over the land, thousands of people are either killed, injured or caused severe financial loss because of this one thing. It makes me wonder how much more our society can take? It’s been around … Continue reading

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Abortion Discussion – ((((KABOOM!!!))))

by Jack Both the prochoice and prolife  share irrefutable logic as well as overlapping moral concerns and both are very passionate in their belief, that’s a given.  Currently, some states are making it very difficult for a woman to get … Continue reading

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MECHA Latinx Graduation at Chico State

by Jack ¡ Casi 4000 estudiantes se graduaron del estado de chico este año!  Ese es un número increíble, pero otro número increíble fue 33% que eran hispanos.   Naturalmente, la ceremonia se celebró principalmente en español, que es la segunda … Continue reading

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There’s a Monster in My Sink! AOC

Posted by Jack Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made a huge discovery yesterday.  But, she was so horrified by it that she reached out to her several followers on Instagram, asking what she should do? What was the discovery that had her … Continue reading

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Paradise is a Lonely Place Today

by Jack If you drive through what is left of Paradise after the great Camp fire,  it instantly becomes understood, this is not going to be an easy fix! There’s at least $2B in clean up that must be done … Continue reading

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White Water Rafting – New Zealand

Many years ago I made this trip.  It was like a step back in time.  Because of the lush green plants, the many prehistoric ferns that I’ve never seen before, the odd looking palm-like trees, the  warm climate and crystal … Continue reading

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Information That Could Save Your Life

by Jack In the not so sweet news, the FDA reports that the average American consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugar per year.  This has the effect of creating a sugar craving.  Simply put, the more you … Continue reading

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Giving a Gift that Counts

by Jack I wonder how many parents would consider giving their kids professional driving lessons as a Christmas gift? It’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving, possibly for the rest of their lives! 4 days ago  my son … Continue reading

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Raging Wild Fire – Paradise Threatened

by Jack CAMP fire update, 8 Nov. 2018, 1700 hours- Chico, CA:  The fire’s point of origin appears to be from a remote area near the Feather River.  However, we do not have any confirmation on this as of yet. … Continue reading

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How Hard Can It Be?

by Tina HOW HARD CAN IT BE… to stand when the US flag is presented and the national anthem plays? HOW HARD when men have risen from lowly slave to NFL star…and more…Justice of the Supreme Court…President! HOW HARD, when … Continue reading

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