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Death of American Newspapers – An Unsustainable Model

by Jack Prior to the Internet, newspapers made 90% of their money from classified advertising. If you wanted a job, car or house then you had to buy a newspaper because nowhere else advertised such things.  Now places like Facebook, … Continue reading

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News Media Obsesses Over Trump

by Jack I take the Dish basic package and I get the local news, ABC, MSNBC and CNN, but not FOX.  I really miss FOX because that was the only time I could get anything that countered the far left … Continue reading

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Mueller Report – A Catastrophe for Millions of True Believers

by Jack The Mueller Report is FINALLY over and the Russia-gate hoax has imploded! For the best part of  two years Democrats and their leftist allies in the news-entertainment business have been monumentally busy trying to keep this hoax alive.  … Continue reading

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Trump’s Speech – ABC Spreading Fake News

by Jack President Trump address to the public  was succinct, accurate and sensible.  It only took him 8 minutes, but he covered a lot of ground.   I found nothing in his speech that was  objectionable. Some key points by … Continue reading

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Just a Darn Minute: Video, Reports Show Trump Welcomed in Pittsburgh

Posted by Tina President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were greeted warmly and thanked by family members, congregants, hospital staff, police officers and families, and others in Pittsburgh on Tuesday when they came to offer comfort and pay their … Continue reading

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Gorka on Khashoggi – Details and Perspective

Posted by Tina The dust is settling around the mysterious death (murder) of Jamal Khashoggi. Speculation and assertions can be set aside for the moment as information is supplied. Sebastian Gorka fills in details of interest at American Greatness in … Continue reading

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Gun Violence: Percentage of US Mass Shootings Not Nearly as High as Previously Reported!

Posted by Tina Mass shootings in Chicago, school shootings, and venue shootings all give credence to the widely held belief that America is a violent, dangerous country…that it’s Second Amendment promotes a cowboy-gun-slinging, hillbilly-shotgun-toting culture of violence and mass murder. … Continue reading

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Cohen Deal – Legal Double Standard Applies!!!

Posted by Tina Michael Cohen has chosen to make a plea deal after being accused of tax and bank fraud issues as well as a non-crime (Stormy) rather than face a long expensive court battle, public smearing, and extensive jail … Continue reading

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Trump Yanks John Brennan’s Security Clearance

Posted by Tina The former CIA director under Barack Obama, John Brennan had his security clearance revoked today by the White House. The Prsident’s full statement is available at FOX News. House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders read a statement to … Continue reading

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Radical Islamist Caught in New Mexico Compound – Training Kids as School Shooters – Keeping Kids in Deplorable Living Conditions – One Child’s Remains Discovered

Posted by Tina AP news broke recently of a “man,” caught in a compound in the mountains of New Mexico, who was training young kids to become future school shooters. The report was intentionally vague…and it garnered the usual prejudiced … Continue reading

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