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More On Great Baltimore!

by Jack We don’t normally get a lot of news about Baltimore, but now that Trump has put the spotlight on this dump, we are learning exactly why he said what he did – that got the democrats livid.  Their … Continue reading

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Meanies on the Left Pick on 8 Year Old Girl

thanks go to Harold for this find… Do it “for the children” is a favorite leftist pitch. As for what liberals do to the children, doxxing and death threats that have silenced a budding little social-media comedy star are a … Continue reading

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Trump Spat On by Waitress

by Jack Did you happen to read about the Chicago waitress that spat in Eric Trump’s face?  The place where it happened is called the Aviary.  It’s a pretty classy place, at least on the outside.  This is true of … Continue reading

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Happy Fathers Day!

by Jack Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out here that have worked so hard to provide for their family.  I hope your kids do something special for you tomorrow – you deserve it. You have supported the family … Continue reading

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Abortion Discussion – ((((KABOOM!!!))))

by Jack Both the prochoice and prolife  share irrefutable logic as well as overlapping moral concerns and both are very passionate in their belief, that’s a given.  Currently, some states are making it very difficult for a woman to get … Continue reading

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Massive University Grant Fraud – Tip of the Iceberg?

Posted by Jack Duke University will pay $112.5 million to settle claims that biomedical researchers at the school manipulated research data to apply for federal grants, an attorney for the whistleblower in the case said March 25. The latest settlement … Continue reading

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Cheating to Get into College

by Jack It’s ironic that the people caught cheating to get their kids into prestigious universities were rich Hollywood liberals and fat cat democrats.    Remember them the next time somebody accuses the GOP to be an exclusive party for … Continue reading

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Church Under Siege – From Within!

by Jack Disclaimer: When I was about 10 years old a classmate invited me to attend mass and I found it kind of boring. Other than that I have no connection to or nothing against the Catholic Church. Now this. … Continue reading

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Honoring One of America’s Finest Patriots

Posted by Jack Today is Frederick C. Douglass day, although most American’s don’t even know who he was, but we should.   He was a man of true character and vision.  Like MLK, Douglass was a Christian minister and a … Continue reading

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Former Air Force Officer Sells Out to Iran

by Jack After all that’s been said about Iran’s part in fomenting terrorism in the Middle East, it’s hatred for the USA, it’s part in killing our soldiers in Iraq, it’s capture of US military personnel in gulf waters, it’s … Continue reading

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