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Massive University Grant Fraud – Tip of the Iceberg?

Posted by Jack Duke University will pay $112.5 million to settle claims that biomedical researchers at the school manipulated research data to apply for federal grants, an attorney for the whistleblower in the case said March 25. The latest settlement … Continue reading

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Cheating to Get into College

by Jack It’s ironic that the people caught cheating to get their kids into prestigious universities were rich Hollywood liberals and fat cat democrats.    Remember them the next time somebody accuses the GOP to be an exclusive party for … Continue reading

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Church Under Siege – From Within!

by Jack Disclaimer: When I was about 10 years old a classmate invited me to attend mass and I found it kind of boring. Other than that I have no connection to or nothing against the Catholic Church. Now this. … Continue reading

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Honoring One of America’s Finest Patriots

Posted by Jack Today is Frederick C. Douglass day, although most American’s don’t even know who he was, but we should.   He was a man of true character and vision.  Like MLK, Douglass was a Christian minister and a … Continue reading

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Former Air Force Officer Sells Out to Iran

by Jack After all that’s been said about Iran’s part in fomenting terrorism in the Middle East, it’s hatred for the USA, it’s part in killing our soldiers in Iraq, it’s capture of US military personnel in gulf waters, it’s … Continue reading

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Hmmm…Chuck Schumer Wants Big Bucks for NY Infrastructure

Posted by Tina Chuck Schumer and Governor Cuomo want to do something about New York’s crumbling infrastructure. They want you and me to pay for it. The price tag, just for the Hudson Tunnel alone is estimated at $29 Billion. … Continue reading

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Update: Vote Harvesting

Posted by Tina Monica Showalter at The American Thinker, citing Steve Miller of Real Clear Investigations, “Bienvenidos a Mexico: California’s ballot-harvesting, sure enough, is borrowed from Mexico” The practice has its roots in Latin America, said K.B. Forbes, a political … Continue reading

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Re Insurance Policies: Christopher Steele Testimony in London Court

Posted by Tina Boyoboyoboy…that Hillary girl had more than a few insurance policies going for her in the last election. One involves Christopher Steel. Unless he’s perguring himself, Christopher Steel just spilled his guts in a London Courtroom and it … Continue reading

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Flynn Case: FBI Broke Protocol

Posted by Tina UPDATE: Sentencing has been delayed…drama in the courtroom…Judge suggests Flynn’s actions were possibly treasonous…after short court recess Judge apologized, said he was “just curious”…: The prosecution told Sullivan that Flynn played a role in the indictment this … Continue reading

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FEC Docs: H Clinton Campaign Laundered $84 Million

Posted by Tina Hillary Clinton was determined to be our next president in 2016. She, and all who supported her, believed she could not lose. One reason for the confidence may have been that her campaign gobbled up alot of … Continue reading

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