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Gang Violence in CA

by Jack Right now all eyes are focused on Iran, but Iran’s threat is nothing compared to that posed by Mexican-American street gangs, many of them located right here in liberal CA. , with all our gun control and gun … Continue reading

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Parents Placed Kids at Risk During Trip to Mexico

by Jack 6 Jan – Mexico   Another American family takes the kids on a vacation to Mexico and then their worst nightmare happens, they were ambushed by cartel members. The family was traveling in two vehicles, returning from a … Continue reading

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Murder in Mexico – A Family Legacy of Death

by Jack These particular Americans knew the danger, but they had faith that God would protect them in a land filled with violence.   They chose to live in the state of Sonora, Mexico about 70 miles from the US … Continue reading

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BART Police Powerless to Stop Homeless Panhandlers

by Jack According to the BART Director Debora Allen she wants to stop panhandling on trains and limit it to a safe zone outside the terminals.  However, liberals are already trying to block her.  She will ask directors at today’s … Continue reading

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Teachers Will Soon Be Allowed to Carry

posted by Jack Last year, the legislature created a “guardian” program that allows districts to arm school staff, with the exception of teachers who “exclusively perform classroom duties,” according to the Miami Herald. The new bill would remove that exception. … Continue reading

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Trouble in Law Enforcement

by Jack The following news article prompted me to ask you a few questions about how you see the cops these days. “AMSTERDAM, Ohio – In the days after they ousted their police chief, the leaders of this town realized … Continue reading

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Where to Live if . . .

by Jack Hot off the wires, Tijuana, Mexico is the best place in the world to live, if you thrive on violence or if you want to be murdered.  Yep, this is your kind of city and its just minutes … Continue reading

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Sacramento BLM Protest Results in over 80 Arrests

Posted by Jack 5 Mar 2019 – Upon hearing that no charges will be filed against Sac PD officers for killing Stephon Clark, a large crowd made up of Black Lives Matters protesters, supporters and family of Clark’s rushed into … Continue reading

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Giving a Gift that Counts

by Jack I wonder how many parents would consider giving their kids professional driving lessons as a Christmas gift? It’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving, possibly for the rest of their lives! 4 days ago  my son … Continue reading

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Who Said That? What Will Happen Next?

Posted by Tina A politician was walking in a poor neighborhood…remarks were captured on video… “What the hell? We should just take all this sh*t down,” … clearly overwhelmed by the scene. … “Whoa, you can smell the rats.”… “Whew, … Continue reading

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