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Where to Live if . . .

by Jack Hot off the wires, Tijuana, Mexico is the best place in the world to live, if you thrive on violence or if you want to be murdered.  Yep, this is your kind of city and its just minutes … Continue reading

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Sacramento BLM Protest Results in over 80 Arrests

Posted by Jack 5 Mar 2019 – Upon hearing that no charges will be filed against Sac PD officers for killing Stephon Clark, a large crowd made up of Black Lives Matters protesters, supporters and family of Clark’s rushed into … Continue reading

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Giving a Gift that Counts

by Jack I wonder how many parents would consider giving their kids professional driving lessons as a Christmas gift? It’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving, possibly for the rest of their lives! 4 days ago  my son … Continue reading

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Who Said That? What Will Happen Next?

Posted by Tina A politician was walking in a poor neighborhood…remarks were captured on video… “What the hell? We should just take all this sh*t down,” … clearly overwhelmed by the scene. … “Whoa, you can smell the rats.”… “Whew, … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Ladies

by Jack First this breaking story. . . New York Police Officer, Ferreira Cavallo, was on her way to work when she saw a young male jump from an overpass railing. She instinctively pulled her car over at the first … Continue reading

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CA FIRES – REDDING – Possible Cause Revealed

by Jack Updated 2200 hrs., 7/28/18.   Possible cause of CARR fire in Redding, pickup truck towing a car trailer.  Trailer had flat, but driver did not notice the noise of tire coming apart or notice how it was pulling.  … Continue reading

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Police Problem in South Florida

Posted by Jack This video is well worth watching, it shows a serious problem in South Florida with police, including Broward County.  In defense of the officers refusing to give out a complaint form, the only thing I can think … Continue reading

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Killer in Corning – 4 Dead + One

Posted by Jack with snippets from several news stories…. California’s strict gun control laws have no effect on ex-con who used stolen weapons.   A gunman driving stolen vehicles at various times and choosing his targets at random opened fire “without … Continue reading

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Travelling to the Panama Canal, Mexico, Turks and Caicos?

by Jack A regular industry has sprung up along the Mexican Riviera on the way to Costa Rica. It’s called “robando turistas” or robbing tourists. You are lucky if you only get mugged, because many Gringo’s are beaten, stabbed, shot … Continue reading

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What To Do in Case of a Shooting

Thanks go to Harold for this important tip…

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