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Shoot or Don’t Shoot – Be Sued or Be Dead

by Jack A few days following the shooting in Sacramento, another unarmed black male was shot in Texas by a deputy Sheriff.  Ironically in both cases the shooters were black, which may have slowed the rush to judgement, but it … Continue reading

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YouTube Shooter Identified

Posted by Tina While the media continue to hammer Trump (tariffs and Russia, Russia, Russia) life goes on. Life ended for Nasim Aghdam at her own hand yesterday when her angry vengeful spirit overflowed and she went on a shooting … Continue reading

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Stormy Opinions

Posted by Tina I didn’t watch the Stormy Daniels interview. In my opinion the attempt to undermine and impeach the President based on 10 year old events that have already been privately addressed and are now being thrust into the … Continue reading

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Statistics on Causes of Deaths in USA – From Business Insider

Posted by Jack The lifetime odds for a death by a gun are 3 times higher for blacks than all others.  Does that mean we should have tougher gun control laws for blacks because it would save lives? No of … Continue reading

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Cops Shoot Black Man in Sacramento – Trouble to Follow

by Jack A CBS news story I just read starts out like this, “The police killing of an unarmed African American man in Sacramento has ignited protests around the state capital and energized members of the Black Lives Matter movement … Continue reading

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Texas Bomber Identified – Blows Himself Up

Posted by Tina We have no details as to motive as yet but the identity of the man accused of fatal bombings in Texas has been identified. Mark Anthony Conditt was a 24 year old man who had a job … Continue reading

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Maryland Shooter Stopped by Armed School Resource Officer

Posted by Tina Details are still sketchy in the school shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland. The local sheriff said the school’s armed resource officer responded quickly to exchange fire with the armed student who had injured 2 … Continue reading

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How Safe Are Our Schools…Really?

by Jack A friend of ours recently considered taking her little girl out of school for fear of gun violence. That got me to thinking, just how dangerous are our schools…really? Statistics say school violence is still relatively rare. There’s … Continue reading

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Sessions to Sue California Over Immigration Enforcement Interference

Posted by Tina The U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is filing a lawsuit asserting that recent laws passed by the state of California interfere with the federal governments responsibilities in enforcing immigration law. Recent efforts to arrest criminal illegal aliens … Continue reading

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Broward Deputy Failed to Do His Duty

by Jack “The Broward sheriff deputy assigned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School resigned on Thursday, about a week after a school shooting there that left 17 people dead. Scot Peterson, a school resource officer from the Broward County Sheriff’s … Continue reading

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