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Woman Sentenced to 4 Years for Making 1000 Fake ID’s and Related Crimes

Posted by Tina Martha Buendia-Chavarria, a Mexican National aged 44, was residing in Marion, Ohio, collecting benefits, and running a false ID mill that produced at least 1000 false documents. Investigators caught up with her in 2017. “Numerous false identification … Continue reading

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Murder at Chico State – Homeless Man Arrested + Cost to the Public

by Jack A 55 year old woman was found on campus, brutally beaten to death in the early morning hours.  Police released scant details, however they said the suspect was arrested shortly after the grisly discovery.  Both suspect and victim … Continue reading

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Pursuing A Perfect World

by Jack One crazy person with a gun shot up the Synagogue in Pittsburg, not the GOP, not Trump, not conservatives at large, just one crazy guy who was motivated by what he read in the papers. He was not … Continue reading

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Live Rounds Fired Through Window at GOP Headquarters Florida

Posted by Tina Thankfully no one was injured or killed when an unknown criminal shot the windows out at a Volusia County Florida GOP headquarters today. This isn’t the first instance of “gun-violence” vandalism at GOP offices. In North Carolina … Continue reading

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Synagogue Shooter Kills Eight Injures Others, Including Cops

Posted by Tina This morning a man described as a “a Trump-hating antisemite who regularly complained on social media about the president and ‘the infestation’ of Jews” was arrested after killing six people (eleven according to the headline?) and injuring … Continue reading

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Captured! Mail Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc

Posted by Tina DNA evidence lifted from a fingerprint on the package bomb sent to Maxine Waters led the FBI to the suspect, Cesar Sayoc, in the mail bomb case. Sayoc, 56, is an avid Trump supporter, evidenced by the … Continue reading

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Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to CNN, Clinton, Soros, Obama, Schultz, et al

by Jack CNN- “Pipe bombs were sent to former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as to CNN’s offices in New York, sparking an intense investigation on Wednesday into whether a bomber is going … Continue reading

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San Francisco Crime

Posted by Jack Planning a road trip to San Francisco?  Here’s a tip – don’t.  Last year crime victims reported over 31,000 smash and grab thefts from vehicles and this year its worse.  Keep in mind there many more categories … Continue reading

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Safe Neighborhoods Program

by jack My son, a police officer in another jurisdiction, is doing vehicle abatement to rid crime prone areas of old cars left on the street or upside down on in front yards.  He is getting out of his patrol … Continue reading

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Cohen Deal – Legal Double Standard Applies!!!

Posted by Tina Michael Cohen has chosen to make a plea deal after being accused of tax and bank fraud issues as well as a non-crime (Stormy) rather than face a long expensive court battle, public smearing, and extensive jail … Continue reading

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