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Deleting God in Congress – Breaking a 243 Year Tradition

One nation under god, divisible by demoncrats… Trump is not the one dividing this nation, it’s characters like Nadler!

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Mueller Report – A Catastrophe for Millions of True Believers

by Jack The Mueller Report is FINALLY over and the Russia-gate hoax has imploded! For the best part of  two years Democrats and their leftist allies in the news-entertainment business have been monumentally busy trying to keep this hoax alive.  … Continue reading

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Voters Reject Socialists and Aged Politicians

Posted by Jack Not feeling the Bern?  You’re not alone.   A new NBC/WSJ poll has revealed what Americans don’t want as president – a socialist or a septuagenarian over 75. Unfortunately for Democrats, their two front-runners each possess at … Continue reading

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Investigation Finds . . .

Posted by Jack BREAKING NEWS . . . . . After 2 years, millions of dollars spent and over 200 interviews, the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion and President Trump has found nothing to support the original  allegation. The bi-partisan … Continue reading

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Hate Crime Victim or Something Else?

by Jack “On Tuesday morning, black, openly gay actor Jussie Smollett — best known for his work on the Fox show “Empire” — was horrifically assaulted in Chicago by two men carrying a noose and a possible “chemical substance.” The … Continue reading

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Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to CNN, Clinton, Soros, Obama, Schultz, et al

by Jack CNN- “Pipe bombs were sent to former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as to CNN’s offices in New York, sparking an intense investigation on Wednesday into whether a bomber is going … Continue reading

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Project Veritas to Expose Deep State Players

Posted by Tina James O’Keefe will release his latest video next week, a project that will expose government employees who operate at the “deep state” level. He announced his plan at a Gateway-Eagle Forum meeting covered by Conservative Tree House: … Continue reading

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Grand Jury Convened: Hearing Testimony in Criminal Probe of Andrew McCabe

Posted by Tina A criminal grand jury is hearing witness testimony against former FBI Director Andrew McCabe who, according to the the IG report issued by Michael Horowitz, lied to investigators four times, three times under oath. This grand jury … Continue reading

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Update: Crime and Corruption in DC

Posted by Tina Be informed…must see FOX video of Allan Dershowitz making the case for an alternative report by the Trump legal team to lend balance to the “one-sided” report by Mueller. Key point: “The Mueller probe has only heard … Continue reading

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Chinese “Front Group” Hacked Hillary’s Private Server – Captured Emails in Real Time

Posted by Tina A Chinese company located in the Washington DC area hacked into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and inserted code that allowed them to monitor and capture every email she sent or received in real time. The company … Continue reading

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