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Trump Predicted to Win by a Landslide

Guest Editorial by Wayne Root Democrats are delusional. They try to destroy Trump. They try to ruin Trump. It never works. No matter how hard they try, they can’t beat Trump. Let me give you a great example. Three Sundays … Continue reading

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President Trump Threaten’s Turkey!

by Jack “As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve … Continue reading

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Solving Homeless Problem

by Jack Being homeless because you can’t afford to live in the community you work in is one thing, moving to a community that you can’t afford is another.   The latter is at the core of the so-called homeless … Continue reading

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CA – Draconian Rent Control Bill Heads to Senate

by Jack MORE GOVERNMENT – LESS FREEDOM In a vote along party lines, the Ca Assembly passed a rent control bill much to the chagrin of property owners. “The state Assembly finally passed SF-based Assembly member David Chiu’s AB 1482—which … Continue reading

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by Jack For a number of years hoards of rats have been showing up wherever our so-called homeless leave behind their trash. No longer limited to places like Los Angeles or San Francisco, the rat problem has found it’s way … Continue reading

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CA Prop 57 Disaster

by Jack   ARRESTS ARE DOWN – CRIME IS UP In this land of unicorns and liberals, Proposition 47 passed with wide approval!  This legislation reduced many felony crimes to a simple misdemeanor.  While this was billed as a way … Continue reading

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Hong Kong vs China – It’s Not a Fair Fight

by Jack Hong Kong has roughly 7.4 million people packed into 420 square miles, with a majority of the population living in only 8 square miles.  That congestion has caused some unique governance  problems, but most are resolved because the … Continue reading

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SAN FRANCISCO – Eliminates Judgemental Words

Posted by Jack ONLY IN CA: The words “felon,” “offender,” “convict,” “addict” and “juvenile delinquent” will become part of the past in official San Francisco parlance under new “person first” language guidelines adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Going forward, … Continue reading

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Why I am Critical of California

by Jack It’s been said that I am critical of my home state of California….ha, like I am the only one.  Ok, here’s the way I see it and feel free to disagree or throw rocks at me, whatever. I … Continue reading

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Trump Spat On by Waitress

by Jack Did you happen to read about the Chicago waitress that spat in Eric Trump’s face?  The place where it happened is called the Aviary.  It’s a pretty classy place, at least on the outside.  This is true of … Continue reading

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