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Yes! Investigate Them!!

Posted by Tina Questionable, unethical behavior also happened; consequences matter! Allegations against Brett Kavanaugh have already been investigated by the Senate Judiciary Committee and an additional FBI investigation will also take place. But a lot morewas going on last week … Continue reading

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Sometimes Sad is Funny

More mania: Bad lip Reading presents, “Hillary Stories”

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Kavanaugh Confirmation – Another Emotion Backed Delay

by Tina Diane Feinstein and her crew of Brett bashing colleagues insist they have not been playing games to delay the confirmation process. Feinstein donned her most innocent face this morning to declare it wasn’t she who leaked the confidential … Continue reading

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Party Hearty Party

Listening to the bloviating Dems this morning one could conclude they’d all been on a bender since this process began months ago. They still insist they haven’t been given the time to investigate thoroughly.

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Breaking: Votes There to Confirm Kavanaugh

Posted by Tina The Senate will confirm Brett Kavanaugh! TownHall reports: With the Senate Judiciary Committee holding a vote at 9:30 A.M. tomorrow, a Senate insider has told Townhall that Kavanaugh has the votes to make it out of committee … Continue reading

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Latest Kavanaugh Accuser’s “Story” as Dubious as First

Posted by Tina In the big game called, “You Too Can Sink the Conservative Candidate,” Democrats have found a new gal. Her name is Julie Swetnick…isn;t she cute? She thinks she has a story that will sink the Kavanaugh nomination…what … Continue reading

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A Bunch of Swine

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Who Built That?

June 2018, WSJ, “It’s Trump’s Economy Now – Liberals want to keep crediting Obama—never mind their own 2016 predictions of disaster.” (Sorry, it’s behind a paywall but the title says it all!) Democrats were saying we had to get used … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh and the Party of False Moral Outrage and Hypocrisy

by Jack I was going to stay out of this one because I didn’t think it was going to derail Kavanaugh, but now it looks like it might. Liberals have frequently cited psychiatric reports that claim the human brain is … Continue reading

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CA Going Carbon Negative – Costs Don’t Matter

Posted by Jack Nobody knows the costs or the impact on California taxpayers and businesses, but never mind that, the goal is to produce more clean air than dirty air so its worth it. Senate Bill 100, signed yesterday by … Continue reading

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