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Church Under Siege – From Within!

by Jack Disclaimer: When I was about 10 years old a classmate invited me to attend mass and I found it kind of boring. Other than that I have no connection to or nothing against the Catholic Church. Now this. … Continue reading

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Investigation Finds. . . .

Posted by Jack Just to be absolutely clear, this is for the leftist mob that wanted the Catholic kids to be beaten and strung up.  The verdict is in: Investigation finds no evidence of ‘racist or offensive statements’ by Covington … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris – Dishonest or Just Plain Stupid?

by Jack Dishonest or stupid, either way Kamala Harris is not presidential material.  She just tweeted, “The average tax refund is down about $170 compared to last year. Let’s call the President’s tax cut what it is: a middle-class tax … Continue reading

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Nancy Spanks Another Brat in Congress

by Jack It didn’t take long for freshman Congresswoman Ilha Omar-D, shown at left to show her true colors, which are not red, white and blue.  She tweeted that members of Congress and by inference those in her own party, … Continue reading

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Democrats to Run a Great Moderate!

by Jack The democrats think they have found the right approach to un-seating Trump in the next election.  Their strategy, drum roll please… run a common sense, moderate!  Someone untainted by hijinks in his/her college years. Someone free of sexual … Continue reading

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OCA and Her Green New Deal

by Jack In a wide ranging proposal called the Green New Deal, Congress person Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, hereafter called OCA, submits the following ideas, as noted in the Federalist report online: Ban affordable energy. GND calls for the elimination of all … Continue reading

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Trump’s Speech – ABC Spreading Fake News

by Jack President Trump address to the public  was succinct, accurate and sensible.  It only took him 8 minutes, but he covered a lot of ground.   I found nothing in his speech that was  objectionable. Some key points by … Continue reading

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Dreams of a Perfect Unicornia Go Awry. . . Again

by Jack (Arrests made at illegal pot dispensary in Compton, CA) Dreams of a Perfect Unicornia Go Awry. . . Again Let us legalize marijuana, let us turn it into a huge taxpaying cash crop and let the State of … Continue reading

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A Look in Review – Ca Dumbest Laws of 2018

by Tom Donnelly The Marxist-Progressives who control California have made their priorities clear (and they’ve faced no real opposition from the timid Republicans): make life easier for criminals and illegal aliens and criminal illegal aliens, while cracking down on law-abiding … Continue reading

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Hmmm…Chuck Schumer Wants Big Bucks for NY Infrastructure

Posted by Tina Chuck Schumer and Governor Cuomo want to do something about New York’s crumbling infrastructure. They want you and me to pay for it. The price tag, just for the Hudson Tunnel alone is estimated at $29 Billion. … Continue reading

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