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The Liberal Gang Looks for Every Concievable Angle to Get at Trump

by Jack The Gang of Millions, those left-wingers in network TV, news anchors, talk show hosts, Hollywood in general, college professors in particular, those countless leftwing political hacks, those brain dead democrats, race-baiters, anarchist trolls, Antifa, et al, they all … Continue reading

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Facts About A top Secret Security Clearance

by Jack Under normal conditions a top secret (TS) security clearance is good for 5 years. If a TS holder switches jobs and no longer requires a TS clearance, it is automatically put on suspension for the next 2 years … Continue reading

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US Flexes Its Muscle – Turkey Nervous

by Jack A worsening dispute between the United States and Turkey reverberated through the global economy on Friday, hastening a broad flight of money from emerging markets and sowing instability throughout the Middle East. It’s due to the radical Muslims … Continue reading

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Street Artist Sabo Strikes Again

posted by Tina As you probably know Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood has been vandalized more than once and recently the governing board voted to remove Trumps star. The petty and destructive nature of Trump haters … Continue reading

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Bullet Train – Cost Overruns Prompt Audit

by Jack When the State sold this idiotic project to the citizens it was supposed to be paid 1/3rd by the State taxpayers, 1/3rd  by companies and 1/3rd Feds.  Two the three have backed out and guess who is left … Continue reading

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Exercising the Heart Leads to Political Revelation

by Jack Acting on advice of my cardiologist, at least 3 times a week I try to get the old pump running at a vigorous pace.  So, lay on my bed and turn on the liberal NPR radio and listen … Continue reading

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The Judge Denied Her View

Posted by Tina A huge verbal fight broke out between Woopi Goldberg and Judge Jeanine Pirro when the judge accepted an invitation to join the ladies on The View to discuss her new book. I’ve seen the excerpts from the … Continue reading

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Lisa Page Under Oath – No Basis for Mueller Probe

Posted by Tina Testimony given under oath by Lisa Page apparently indicates that key FBI agents gathering evidence in the Trump/Russia case thought there was no basis for the Mueller probe. If true, this is a bombshell revelation: …there are … Continue reading

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Media Misleading the American People

by Jack “Trump is lying to the American People”  This is a headline from a news story today and it sound like a real blockbuster.  Instantly, I wonder what could they have on the Donald now?  But, as I read … Continue reading

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The Mixed Bag that is Donald Trump

by Jack If there’s one thing you can say about President Trump,….well, uh, then you are the rare exception.   Because you just can’t say one thing about Trump, he’s way more complicated than that!  On Monday you can love … Continue reading

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