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California – Perfect Example of What Not to Be as a State

Posted by Jack My wife and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  But like 46% of Bay area residents in a June 2018 Bay Area Council poll, we are considering leaving California.   Arizona looks like our destination although … Continue reading

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Your Tax Dollars Pay His Salary

Posted by Jack A University of California at Davis professor’s history of advocating for the murder of law enforcement officers during interviews and on Twitter has been brought to light by an article in the student newspaper. The university is … Continue reading

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Investigation Finds. . . .

Posted by Jack Just to be absolutely clear, this is for the leftist mob that wanted the Catholic kids to be beaten and strung up.  The verdict is in: Investigation finds no evidence of ‘racist or offensive statements’ by Covington … Continue reading

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Nancy Spanks Another Brat in Congress

by Jack It didn’t take long for freshman Congresswoman Ilha Omar-D, shown at left to show her true colors, which are not red, white and blue.  She tweeted that members of Congress and by inference those in her own party, … Continue reading

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Live Rounds Fired Through Window at GOP Headquarters Florida

Posted by Tina Thankfully no one was injured or killed when an unknown criminal shot the windows out at a Volusia County Florida GOP headquarters today. This isn’t the first instance of “gun-violence” vandalism at GOP offices. In North Carolina … Continue reading

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Captured! Mail Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc

Posted by Tina DNA evidence lifted from a fingerprint on the package bomb sent to Maxine Waters led the FBI to the suspect, Cesar Sayoc, in the mail bomb case. Sayoc, 56, is an avid Trump supporter, evidenced by the … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh Confirmation – Another Emotion Backed Delay

by Tina Diane Feinstein and her crew of Brett bashing colleagues insist they have not been playing games to delay the confirmation process. Feinstein donned her most innocent face this morning to declare it wasn’t she who leaked the confidential … Continue reading

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Clear Pattern of Leftist Hate and Violence

Note:   The following article is about free speech and violence.  It’s a rough subject, but I’m hoping you wait until the end to judge it.   Then I would like to hear your thoughts.   by Jack There is … Continue reading

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Left Activists Engaging in Threats, Intimidation, and Violence Against the GOP

by Tina Trump has been accused of dividing the country and inciting violence by the losing party. What a crock, as Bruce Sessions used to say. The community organizer president (Obama) ran on and governed by the politics of division … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh Hearings Begin in Chaos

Posted by Tina The hearings to confirm (or reject) the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court opened today in chaos as Democrats repeatedly challenged the process in a delay and disrupt campaign initiated by Chuck Schummer. Protesters, whose … Continue reading

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