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Fort Worth – Cop Shoots Women in Her Own Home!

by Jack A community meeting was held Tuesday night in the wake of a police shooting that left a 28-year-old black woman dead in her own home.  Former Fort Worth officer Aaron Dean resigned Monday before he could be fired … Continue reading

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MECHA Latinx Graduation at Chico State

by Jack ¡ Casi 4000 estudiantes se graduaron del estado de chico este año!  Ese es un número increíble, pero otro número increíble fue 33% que eran hispanos.   Naturalmente, la ceremonia se celebró principalmente en español, que es la segunda … Continue reading

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Violence in Schools – Two Views

by Jack California classrooms are becoming more diverse, but the people leading them remain predominantly white and that’s a problem, so says a study by American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). It’s widely believed that students of color … Continue reading

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Your Tax Dollars Pay His Salary

Posted by Jack A University of California at Davis professor’s history of advocating for the murder of law enforcement officers during interviews and on Twitter has been brought to light by an article in the student newspaper. The university is … Continue reading

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Jussy Smollet’s Story a Hoax? NOOOOOOOO!

Posted by Jack BREAKING NEWS….   Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN that Chicago Police believe actor Jussie Smollet paid two men to orchestrate an assault on him that he reported late last month. The … Continue reading

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America Was Never Great?

Posted by Tina New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told a group of people at a bill-signing event yesterday that America was never great, apparently in an attempt to disparage Trumps MAGA slogan: “We’re not going to make America great again. … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Ladies

by Jack First this breaking story. . . New York Police Officer, Ferreira Cavallo, was on her way to work when she saw a young male jump from an overpass railing. She instinctively pulled her car over at the first … Continue reading

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Exercising the Heart Leads to Political Revelation

by Jack Acting on advice of my cardiologist, at least 3 times a week I try to get the old pump running at a vigorous pace.  So, lay on my bed and turn on the liberal NPR radio and listen … Continue reading

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De Souza: Death of a Nation – Aug 3

Posted by Tina Dinesh Desouza’s latest film compares Trumps presidency to that of Lincoln in his latest film. See trailer at Can we save America a second time? Not since 1860 have the Democrats so fanatically refused to accept … Continue reading

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Two Deputies Slain – But, Proper Procedure was Followed?

by Jack Here are two news stories, please compare the information provided and note the omissions from the first story. “Two sheriff’s deputies in Kansas who were shot while transporting inmates from a jail to a court hearing on Friday … Continue reading

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