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Palestinians Die to Gain Media Coverage

by Jack On the anniversary when Israel become a nation, an estimated 35,000 Palestinians mobilized along the border into Israel.  Then someone announced that the Israelis had just fled their guard posts in one sector.  The mob, eager to seize … Continue reading

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Islamic Inbreeding – A Racist Lie or a Catastrophic Truth?

Posted by Jack I’ve heard the rumors that a huge number of Muslims suffer from the consequences of marriage to first cousins.  If the follow report is remotely true then millions of Muslims, especially in the Islamic countries, are at … Continue reading

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R. Lee Ermy and Art Bell, Meet Stephen Hawking

by Jack Three of my favorite people have recently made the transition from here to the other side. R. Lee Ermy was 74 at the time of his death. Art Bell was 72 and Stephen Hawking was 76. These were … Continue reading

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Why Do We Have Religion?

by Jack I’m not picking on any religion here, I’m just asking the question: Why do we embrace religion, any religion? Is it because we feel we lack self-control, so we must fall back on our higher power to help … Continue reading

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A Message from Lou Holtz

Posted by Jack

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Deadly Murder in Texas Church – Heartless Opportunistic Democrats Immediately Politicize as More than Twenty Lay Dead and Others Are Wounded.

Posted by Tina The shooter is described as a 26 year old white male wearing full body black tactical gear who fled the scene in his vehicle and was later killed, either by authorities who chased him down or by … Continue reading

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Against the Wanton Destruction of US History and Monuments

Posted by Tina I’m appalled and deeply opposed to the leftist movement to rewrite our history and destroy monuments that represent and teach future generations the truth about our history. I implore all citizens to seek out the truth of … Continue reading

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Would He Do That?

Posted by Tina I saw this headline in a side bar at a web site yesterday: Joy Behar to Christian baker: C’mon, Jesus would have made a wedding cake for a gay couple I didn’t read the article immediately to … Continue reading

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Great American Divide CA Imposes Travel Ban

Posted by Tina We’ve experienced a lot of crazy divisive politics at the start of the new century. An example is the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic order that was established in 1839 to care for the elderly … Continue reading

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Manchester is a Turning Point

by Jack There comes a time when people have had enough and their frustrations, grief and anger are galvanized into an effective force of resistance. As sad and tragic as the Manchester bombing may have been, much good is now … Continue reading

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