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How to Raise Good Kids

by Jack Great Britain has the longest running study ever done on child development.  Researcher and journalist, Helen Pearson, recently did a TED talk on this subject.  I thought I would a very brief summary of the highlights of her … Continue reading

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If Black Lives Matter….

by Jack Peggy submitted a link to a news story about Rep. Corine Brown-D, convicted of corruption charges. Well, that got me thinking and I hope I can share a few thoughts without being called a racist. I did a … Continue reading

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Bubble in Retail Space – Strip Malls Dying

by Jack Several recent reports say American’s currently have 600% more retail space available than in Europe. We’ve over built in relation to the demand and this has caused a bubble. This is also why we’re seeing so many dead … Continue reading

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MIT Professor Richard Lindzen Informs Trump on Warming Science

Posted by Tina Today Powerline posted a letter sent to President Trump from MIT Professor Richard Lindzen (Physicist) in an article posted here. The following is the content of the letter: For far too long, one body of men, establishment … Continue reading

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Do Something! Hey, Republicans Are Getting Stuff Done

Posted by Tina The big focus in Congress right now is healthcare. The promise to repeal Obamacare hangs in the balance. The parts of Obamacare that can be repealed through reconciliation, is being pressed hard by Paul Ryan through a … Continue reading

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Rally Attendance: Trump vs Hillary

Posted by Tina Attendance at campaign events is one way to measure enthusiasm for the candidate. In this respect, Trump appears to be outpacing Hillary by a good margin. The chart below shows estimated attendance at the two candidates rallies … Continue reading

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Obama Recovery Unemployment Rate is Misleading

The chart above illustrates recovery rates, in terms of the unemployed, following recessions from 1948 to 2007. As you can see, one line is very different from the others. The 2007 recession line shows that there has been very little … Continue reading

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CENTCOM Altered Intel to Promote Positive Assessments

Posted by Tina A report released by House Republicans shows that the U.S. Military’s Central Command (CENTCOM) “routinely produced” intelligence reports to “distort, suppress, or substantially alter” the results of the campaign against the Islamic State: …Top CENTCOM leaders modified … Continue reading

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America Needs Jobs

Posted by Tina In July of 2012 U.S. Census Bureau statistics showed a startling loss of America’s businesses. The number of firms with up to 99 employees dropped significantly by 223,800 businesses and 3.1 million workers. Today the US ranks … Continue reading

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Government is Lying About Inflation

Posed by Tina The American people are fed up with government statistics being used to convince us that our economy is doing well when we are experiencing struggle at every turn. Happy talk from politicians isn’t comforting; it’s insulting. We’re … Continue reading

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