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Hospital E-Rs, a Dangerous Place to Work

by Jack My daughter is a 1st Responder (ambulance)  in the bay area  and she see reports that our ER’s are starting to come under siege by the homeless.   She says there are some  emergency waiting rooms that you … Continue reading

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by Jack The following is the most recent data I could find on CA fiscal health.  The last report we ranked 42nd out of 50 states for fiscal health.  We would be in last place and bankrupt if it were … Continue reading

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by Jack CA democrats fervently pushed for rent control last year, but they failed.  Now it looks like Oregon will actually do it.   It’s passed the Oregon senate and the governor said she will sign it. In large measure … Continue reading

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Texas Federal Judge Rules Against Obamacare

Posted by Tina Twenty Republican Attorney Generals filed a lawsuit claiming Obamacare was unworkable without the individual mandate. After hearing the case the judge agreed but in his remarks noted that Obamacare would stay in place pending appeal. The Washington … Continue reading

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Dem Handouts and Tax Proposals Won’t Work

Posted by Tina As members of the newly acquired Democrat controlled House, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker have plans to “help” lower income taxpayers: In October, Booker proposed taxpayer-funded savings accounts that would give a federal “opportunity account” containing $1,000 … Continue reading

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Maxine Waters to be in Charge of Spending?

by Jack   (Maxine Waters shown left) Here’s a woman of bad character. She’s a far left agitator with little regard for and even less understanding of…. the U.S. Constitution.  She represents everything a decent voter should oppose. She’s a … Continue reading

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Economy: Trend Lines Debunk Obama’s Me Too Spin!!

Posted by Tina You know it had to happen because President Obama’s claim, that the booming economy was just the continuation of an ongoing trend, was ridiculous. A group of economy geeks decided to test Obama’s theory…the result is not … Continue reading

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Corp Tax Cuts: Overseas Profits Coming Home!

Posted by Tina Democrats told us tax cuts wouldn’t work to build our economy and create jobs. They said that 2% growth was the new normal and we shouldn’t expect better…ever again. They said that even after being shown the … Continue reading

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Charitable Giving UP – “Stingy Capitalists” Give More Than Ever!

Posted by Tina One of the lefts favorite memes about capitalists is that if you give the stingy jerks a tax break they will keep the money for themselves. This false accusation has no basis in reality. Our economy has … Continue reading

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House Passes Massive Six Month Spending Bill

Posted by Tina Update at 4:18 PM: Daily Caller, “Budget Passes House, But Nearly 100 Republicans Voted Against It” A bipartisan $1.3 trillion spending bill passed in the House today in a 256-167 vote. Twenty-five outraged Republicans stood in defiance … Continue reading

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