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McCain On Board for Tax Cuts

Posted by Tina Christmas is the season for miracles and boy did we see one today! Senator John McCain, Republican Arizona, finally climbed aboard the tax cut train. The result was an immediate rise to over 24K on the stock … Continue reading

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Republican Tax Plan, in Brief

by Jack What happens when you cut taxes and don’t cut spending?  If you said that our debt will increase, you are right.  So, the deficit goes up and knowing that answer apparently makes you smarter than almost every Republican … Continue reading

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2016 Income Tax Breakdown – Top 20% Paid 95%

Posted by Tina The numbers are in. They illustrate the absurdity of the left’s war chant, “No tax cuts for the rich!” When the upper 20% of taxpayers pay 95% of the taxes and the bottom 50% pay zero, it’s … Continue reading

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IRS Scandal – Targeted Groups Get Settlement

Posted by Tina AG Jeff Sessions apologized to IRS scandal victims on behalf of the government and announced the groups will receive settlement money: Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the IRS owed the groups an apology after years of poor … Continue reading

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Health Insurance in California Due to Rise 12.5% – Covered California to Slap Extra Surcharge on High End Plans – President Trump to the Rescue?

Posted by Tina The California Health Insurance Exchange announced Wednesday that it has ordered insurers to add a 12.4% surcharge on silver-level health plans which will bring the increase in premiums on average to 25% in 2018 for those choosing … Continue reading

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Shameful Fact – US Citizens Paid More in Tax than Cost of Food and Clothing – Tax Reform Needed Now!

Posted by Tina It is indeed shameful that Americans on average paid more in taxes than we spent for food and clothing last year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics was cited in stories by CNS News and The New York … Continue reading

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Texas Boom – California Doom and Gloom

Posted by Tina According to CNS News, the economy in Texas is booming while in the Democrat controlled state of California there’s nothing but gloom and doom: ( – Texas, the nation’s second most populous state, had the fastest growing … Continue reading

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Illinois: $1.4 Billion in Debt and Counting

Posted by Tina Those in the know are making dire remarks about Illinois being the Venezuela of the North. The Wall Street journal Headline gets right to the point, “How Bad Is the Crisis in Illinois? It Has $14.6 Billion … Continue reading

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NEA: NYC Shakespearean Assassination of Trump Funded by Taxpayers

Posted by Tina I guess we had to know this might happen: After learning that an actor dressed to look just like his father gets brutally murdered on stage in a production of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Donald Trump, Jr. … Continue reading

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Infratsructure: Trump Exposes Expensive Pointless Regulation

Posted by Tina In a meeting last week on infrastructure planning President Trump dropped binders of regulations on the stage to make a point. The binders represented an environmental assessment report that cost taxpayers $24,000 per page and delayed projects … Continue reading

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