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Explosive Politico Report: Plan to Indict Afghan Drug Lords Shelved

Posted by Tina An investgation by Politico has exposed egregiously unethical choices, made during the Obama administration, that compromised the security and health of Americans and others around the world. The political motivation for making these choices is bad enough. … Continue reading

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Iranians for Freedom? You Bet!!!

Posted by Tina A growing number of Iranians are hitting the streets to protest the Mullahs and demand their freedom. To that end a conference was held in Paris on Friday: In Paris Friday, freedom-loving Iranians held a major “Free … Continue reading

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Maxine’s Violent Comrades – Expect Bombs!

Posted by Tina Acts of animosity and resentment are flairing up all over. Republicans are suddenly being verbally assaulted in public, indicating that Maxines outburst yesterday was part of a planned strategy. Senator Mitch McConnel and his wife, Transportation Secretary … Continue reading

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Iran: “Religion of Peace” Government Celebrates Death at Parade

Posted by Tina Iran can’t be happy with our new President’s stance on the Iran deal. But the leaders of this country don’t need an excuse to hate and promote death. Iran is the world’s most prolific sponsor of terror. … Continue reading

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Humor Hits the California Highways

Submitted in comments by J Soden Two stories today highlight the inanity of the California government through hilarious hi-jinks. The first comes via FOX News Drivers entering California are being greeted with signs proclaiming the liberal bastion an “OFFICIAL SANCTUARY … Continue reading

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To Save Iran Deal Obama Squashed Prosecution of Hezbollah Drug Running Operation

Posted by Tina Both Politico and the New York Post are reporting today that President Obama interfered to blunt prosecutorial efforts by a team at the Drug Enforcement Administration in order to secure the Iran deal: A team at the … Continue reading

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Preventable Bombing in New York

by jack “NEW YORK (AP) — A would-be suicide bomber’s rush-hour blast in the heart of the New York City subway system failed to cause the bloodshed he intended, authorities said. ” But it gave new fuel to President Donald … Continue reading

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US Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem

Posted by Tina Kaitie Pavlich over at TownHall informs that the Israeli media is reporting the US Embassy will be moved: Israeli officials are reportedly expecting US President Donald Trump to make a landmark announcement in the coming days regarding … Continue reading

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Rex Tillerson Downsizes at State

Posted by Tina We’re approaching the final lap of the first year in the Trump presidency. Among the many accomplishments that have contributed to the fulfillment of Trumps agenda is the downsizing of government bureaucracy. Cleaning out excessive or corrupting … Continue reading

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Big Changes and Terror in Egypt

Posted by Tina As we Americans prepared to give thanks for the blessing of freedom 305 people were murdered in a Mosque in Egypt. Twenty-seven children were among the dead. The terrorists, numbering 25-30, arrived on the scene in five … Continue reading

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