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Time Mag Person of Year is the “Silence Breakers”

Posted by Tina There are many more men and women who belong on the “Silence Breakers” list than those you see featured in the photo at left. The list continues to grow. But something else is missing in this celebration … Continue reading

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US Out of UN Migration and Refugee “Global Framework”

Posted by Tina Ambassador Nikki Haley informed the UN that the United States will not conform to UN mandates on migration and refugees but will instead do what is best for our own country according to our own laws and … Continue reading

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Naughty & Nice

Let the “merry month’ begin! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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US Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem

Posted by Tina Kaitie Pavlich over at TownHall informs that the Israeli media is reporting the US Embassy will be moved: Israeli officials are reportedly expecting US President Donald Trump to make a landmark announcement in the coming days regarding … Continue reading

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Rex Tillerson Downsizes at State

Posted by Tina We’re approaching the final lap of the first year in the Trump presidency. Among the many accomplishments that have contributed to the fulfillment of Trumps agenda is the downsizing of government bureaucracy. Cleaning out excessive or corrupting … Continue reading

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The following is excerpted from a transcript of the Rush Limbaugh show on Wednesday in which, as is his custom, he recounts the story of the First Thanksgiving. Rush has a wonderful way of conveying the history that many of … Continue reading

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Trump Slimed with Partisan Psychiatry!

Posted by Tina You’ve probably heard that Charles Manson finally bit the dust. But have you read the outrageous comparison to Trump made by the desperate left? Amber Athey of the Daily Caller took notice: Newsweek and The New York … Continue reading

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Star Spangled Banner Under Attack – CA NAACP Has Bigger and Better Things to Accomplish

Posted by Tina It isn’t ordinary black folks that are creating racial division in our country. Instead it is the hard line activist groups that once had a purpose but now must manufacture problems to justify their existence and ensure … Continue reading

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A Message from Lou Holtz

Posted by Jack

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Deadly Murder in Texas Church – Heartless Opportunistic Democrats Immediately Politicize as More than Twenty Lay Dead and Others Are Wounded.

Posted by Tina The shooter is described as a 26 year old white male wearing full body black tactical gear who fled the scene in his vehicle and was later killed, either by authorities who chased him down or by … Continue reading

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