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Project Veritas Releases “Deep State” Video

Posted by Tina The resistance! Deep State activism…Lois Lerner was just the barely-visible-tip-of-the-iceberg. New video by Project Veritas exposes corruption in our federal government. These citizen journalists spent months questioning and investigating government employees and what they found is explosive! … Continue reading

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Project Veritas to Expose Deep State Players

Posted by Tina James O’Keefe will release his latest video next week, a project that will expose government employees who operate at the “deep state” level. He announced his plan at a Gateway-Eagle Forum meeting covered by Conservative Tree House: … Continue reading

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NATO Chief Thanks President Trump

Posted by Tina His words were blunt. But he spoke the truth and in doing so, challenged the other members of NATO to hold up their end of the bargain. He was criticized for his crude style, called unpresidential and … Continue reading

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Remembering 9-11

by Jack 17 years have passed since that fateful day on the 11th of September when a handful of terrorists caused the death of over 3,000 Americans and forever changed the world we live in. 4 airliners were hijacked, 3 … Continue reading

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Grand Jury Convened: Hearing Testimony in Criminal Probe of Andrew McCabe

Posted by Tina A criminal grand jury is hearing witness testimony against former FBI Director Andrew McCabe who, according to the the IG report issued by Michael Horowitz, lied to investigators four times, three times under oath. This grand jury … Continue reading

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Boomers and Margaritaville

by Jack The good news is bankruptcies are on the decline, but the bad news is people over 65 are filing in record numbers! The reasons are many, failed business, failed investments, medical expenses and more. But, one thing that … Continue reading

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American’s Used to Be More Disciplined and Civic Minded

by Tina Americans were once, overall, a disciplined society in terms of keeping the environment pristine and cleaning up after ourselves. Our parents taught us very early not to litter and to clean up the messes we made. Our parents … Continue reading

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Hereditary Dynasties Should Have Ended 200 Years Ago – What Keeps Them Afloat?

Post by Jack The mere fact one is born into a particular family does not warrant a free ride or ruling over others, who doesn’t understand this in the modern world? We made our case against the Royals in 1776 … Continue reading

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Socialists Speak KKK

Political cartoonists illustrate truth in words and pictures. I wanted to make sure you saw this one by Mike Lester of the Washington Post Writers Group. Maxine is a socialist who once let it slip that she (with Obama in … Continue reading

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Mexico Elections vs “The Resistance”

Posted by Tina Mexico will have it’s election on Sunday. Widespread corruption is expected, a blot on the validity of the election process. But that isn’t all that’s going on in Mexico and what’s going on is quite disturbing given … Continue reading

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