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I love to cook.  My mom instilled the importance of a home-cooked meal on my brothers and I from an early age and frequently we could be found in the kitchen helping her.  As we got older we were the cooks and mom was lucky (or unlucky) enough to eat …

24 July 2013  Uncategorized

This past week has been a roller coaster.  I haven’t exactly stuck to the diet and the resulting stomach discomfort has been epic.  I knew better but I ignored my better judgement and did it anyway.  See, my wife and I make it out to dinner together very seldom.  Very …

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The Adventure Continues

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Living with an autistic child is…interesting.  They are very literal…or at least mine is.  If he’s happy he’s extremely happy.  Make him mad though and watch out!  The solution sounds simple enough, don’t make him mad.  Or try not to.  Thing is, it isn’t as simple as it sounds.  What …

6 July 2013  Uncategorized

As I mentioned in yesterdays post my family has embarked on a new adventure in eating and lifestyle.  We did it not out of a desire to lose weight or inches (although to this day I’ve lost 22 pounds and my size 38s don’t come anywhere near fitting me anymore) …

29 June 2013  Uncategorized

I’m Back!

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Okay so I took another break for a while.  I think in the writers world they call this a sabbatical.  In reality I’ve just been busy…for a year.
Things in my world have changed.  My eldest was formally diagnosed with Autism and ADHD.  We knew this was the case with him …

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Ever went into a store and asked the clerk behind the counter for a particular item and have them tell you it isn’t in stock in this store but it is at another of their locations? Know how they do that? Integrated computers. It’s where a bunch …

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Okay so in a previous Randoms post I started a little hissy fit about pennies but really it’s a subject that deserves its own post so here it goes.
The US uses pennies, once cent pieces. Each penny is worth 1% of one dollar meaning it will take one hundred …

2 April 2012  Uncategorized

Random Musings on Money, Music, Potatoes and Pennies.

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More random thoughts. Aren’t these fun folks?
Yahoo News lead this morning with an article about how the media could force opinion and skew stories by selective editing of pictures and comments. The example they used was the Treyvon Martin incident. First of all, Yahoo, if you’re going …

2 April 2012  Uncategorized

Arrrh! (That was a pirate)

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Piracy. Remember the good old days when it meant walking the plank, peg legs, colorful birds requesting well-baked wheat products?
None of that exists anymore. Not to say there isn’t danger on the high seas but that isn’t the subject of this little rant.
Nope, this one is …

6 February 2012  Uncategorized

Meet Your Presidential Candidates!

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The 2012 presidential election is less than a year away and the political ads are already in full swing. I for one couldn’t be more excited unless perhaps I was to shove an angry honey badger down the front of my trousers.
Actually that might be less painful.
Lets take a …

2 February 2012  Uncategorized
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