Steve Lopez came to speak at Chico State on March 23, and while I fully intended to write this entry the day after he spoke, life just took over. But now that a couple of weeks have passed, I can better comment on what stuck with me from the talk. …

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Haiti and Homelessness

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Two months and and week have passed since the earthquake struck Haiti and destroyed much of the city of Port-au-Prince, killing 300,000 people and leaving over a million people homeless. We talk about homelessness in our communities in northern California, but homelessness on this scale is something that we in …

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Steve Lopez, author of The Soloist, is coming to speak at Chico State this Tuesday, March 23 at Laxson Auditorium. This visit provides a chance for students, faculty, and community members to hear what this L.A. Times reporter has to say about his book and to ask him questions about …

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Earthquake in Haiti

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Yesterday, an earthquake measuring 7.3 struck Haiti,
destroying much of the capital of Port-au-Prince and killing and injuring
thousands. It is a terrible catastrophe to strike this fragile country, and I
am grieving for the people who must respond to such a huge crisis. The
suffering that many have endured and will continue to …

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Musings on The Soloist

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As the weather has turned cold here in Chico, I’ve  been thinking more about what it would be like not to have a home to retreat to, especially for sleeping. I imagine the local shelters are getting even more traffic than they usually do. 

A book group that I’m in met …

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I attended two events this last week that I wanted to comment on. The first was a CAPE Forum at Chico State on homelessness, featuring a sociology professor, a philosophy professor, the director of the Torres Shelter, and a Butte College student who had been homeless and stayed for several …

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“What is our Community’s Responsibility to the Indigent Homeless in Chico?”

Wednesday, November 4th, PAC 134 at 7:30 p.m.

The Center for Applied and Professional Ethics in conjunction with the Chico Community Book in Common, The Soloist, presents a community panel discussion on the topic of indigent homelessness in Chico. Join our panel …

4 November 2009  Uncategorized

“Who are the Soloists Among Us?” This was the title of a short film presented at the Town Hall meeting at Chico State last Wednesday, and in this film people talked about their state of homelessness–how they got where they are, what it was like to be homeless. What really …

23 October 2009  Uncategorized

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement for a special town hall meeting tomorrow:
“Homelessness and mental illness in Butte County will be addressed at a special campus and community town hall meeting Wednesday, Oct. 14, in the Bell Memorial Union Auditorium at California State University, Chico.
The town hall meeting will be …

13 October 2009  Uncategorized

There are many community events that relate to the themes of The Soloist, and here is the announcement for an event in Oroville today:

Book in Common Event In Oroville Today
Homeless in Oroville
Tues., Oct. 6, from 4pm – 5pmOroville Public Library
Carol Zanon, vice-chair of the Greater Oroville Homeless Coalition who works with …

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