Kids and Creeks is once again bringing amazing music to Chico as part of their 2012 fundraising efforts. This Saturday’s concert at the Chico Women’s Center features the bluegrass riffs of The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit and local favorite Poa Porch Band.
$$ raised goes towards supporting hands-on science …

30 January 2012  Education

Parsnip Love Affair

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I don’t think I even remember eating a parsnip until I was in my third decade of life. I had always assumed they were the ugly step-sister of an overgrown carrot–pale, bitter, stringy, a bitter flavor akin to that of dirt.
No longer. Thanks to a bumper crop from …

26 January 2012  Food

Solar City

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Kudo’s to Chico on being the top solar city of its size in the state, when measured by electricity generated per resident. I am sure that the solar panels installed at the Sierra Nevada Brewery, Pleasant Valley High, Chico High, and the Waste Water Treatment Plant are a big …

25 January 2012  Sustainability

Kale Chip Woes

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Often one can find up to four varieties of kale being sold at the Chico Farmers Market. All are delicious and full of winter nutrition goodness, though I myself am partial to dark green, bumpy lacinato “dinosaur” kale. I have had great success with quickly sauteing kale on …

16 January 2012  Sustainability

Don’t get me wrong, I think plastic bags should be phased out. I think non-compostable, single-use anything should be phased out.
But unfortunately the recent discussions at Sustainability Task Force meetings have demonstrated that banning plastic bags is not the low-hanging fruit that one imagines it should be.
To be blunt, …

13 January 2012  Sustainability
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