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It’s an interesting thing, the relationship between the younger generations. Ipakanni Early College Charter School, a high school located in Feather Falls, California, is a school that shares a campus an elementary school. There are some bad sides to the situation, but there are also mutual benefits, as well as hilarious stories between the age blend.

When interviewed the younger kids between kindergarten and 6th grade, stated some negative feelings towards the high scholars, or “Teenagers.” Some of the comments included, “They’re creepy and loud,” “I don’t like teenagers, I want them to go away,” “They’re snotty, one time I took one of their hats and ran away with it.” “They’re retarded and scary,” and “They’re crazy weird and insane, good luck being adults if you act crazy weird and insane.” And when asked, “What do you think of high scholars?” One kid just replied, “Evil.” Just a single word, but that statement still proves that age can create ill will in some cases.

Although there were a lot of negative comments, the kids had some nice things to say as well. Certain moments of interaction, such as when Amelia, a high scholar, visits the elementary students to sing, or when Spencer, a freshman comes in to play piano, or when high scholars come in to read to the little kids, or even when some high scholars simply play with the little kids seemed to positively influence their views of them.  The kids have been quoted saying things like, “I think they’re cool,” “I don’t want them to go away,” “they’re alright,” “It’s cool when you come and sing.” In reference to the high scholars, some little kids seem to like to have high scholars on the campus as much as some want them to “go away.”

It seems the little kids have a lot of animosity towards high scholars, as the number of negative comments far outweigh the good ones. But when seen interacting with each other, there is mostly laughter, smiles and gentleness. The little kids aren’t even mean to the high scholars, and the teenagers try to be as close to role models as they can manage, even if they don’t like little kids.

On the other hand, some of Ipakanni were quoted as saying, in regards to little kids, things like, “They’re annoying,” “What do I think of little kids? They’re annoying,” and even “They’re annoying as [censored],” and “I don’t like ’em, they’re annoying.” More comments and quotes were collected from a teenage perspective, but most were too vulgar and contained too much profanity to be included in this post. It seemed that for the most part, little kids were believed by the teenagers to be “annoying,” what with almost all the quotes gathered having the word “annoying” in them, seven out of ten to be precise. Obviously, it seemed that the general idea from the high scholars was, “Little kids are annoying.”

But just like the little kids, there were some high scholars who liked the interaction between age groups, saying things like, “They’re nice,” “I kinda like little kids,” “They’re playful, and innocent, lots of people don’t like them because they think they’re annoying,” and just, “They’re OK.” So it’s evident that there’s positivity in the realm of teenagers as well as in the little kids’.

It seems both sides had individuals on each side of the subject. To like each other, or to not like each other (that is the question). There was one strange quote from one of the teens that was very neutral, “They [Little Kids] have a, not-fully developed prefrontal cortex.” The researcher didn’t really know what to make of that but wrote it down regardless.

Even if little kids and high scholar’s think it’s impossible to relate, maybe they can find common ground on the fact that some of the individuals on each side like each other, and some don’t. The high scholars aren’t outright mean to little kids on campus, and both sides keep to themselves mostly. The little kids don’t usually express any of their resentment towards the high scholars openly either, so there’s relative peace between the age groups most of the time. Both sides might ignore or avoid each other, but the animosity gathered with quotes is not seen between the groups on a regular enough basis to conclude there’s real social hatred between the groups.

In conclusion, the only real difference between the little kids and high scholars is about 10 years. Dislike is expressed on both sides, but so is some positivity, it’s not an outright war between the ages. If there is hate or dislike, it’s between individuals, not whole groups.

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