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Most teenagers are still trying to figure out who they are. But with other people calling us both positive and negative names, it just makes it all the more confusing. So just to clear it up, no one but you can tell you who you are. When you get called a name, or someone puts you down, they can’t possibly be accurate, because how would they know? Only you know who you are. Only you have power over your own life.
To confuse things even more, I think that sometimes, people don’t even realize what they’re saying to other people. Sometimes a word that is intended as an insult can actually be taken in a better, more positive way. Here’s a chart to help you understand.
Conceited    Confidant, beautiful, wonderful, amazing
Crazy    Creative, brave, and imaginative
Sensitive    Caring and knowing how you feel (that’s a skill)
Don’t know when to give up    A fighter, hardworking, persistent, and resilient
Obsessive    Passionate
Loud    You speak your mind
Attention Seeker    Performer, actor, belongs on the stage
Insecure    Sensitive, and considerate
Immature    You know how to have fun
Weird    Unique
Gay    Colorful, and happy
Nerd    Smart, intelligent, enlightened, and knowledgeable
Jock    Athletic, healthy and active
Pushy     Ambitious, go getting, determined
Stupid    Fearless
Gullible    Trusting
Nosy/need to mind your own business    You stand up against bullying and are strong
Emotionless    You would be an awesome poker player

There’s always a positive side to look on. Almost every insulting word is really a positive word that is misunderstood by many teens. So really, don’t get offended by people that can’t speak English as well as they should. Teens especially don’t have the proper words to articulate what they have to say most of the time. Plus, the words they use are usually words that have been used against them at one point in time. They’ve been hurt, so they’re taking out their anger on you. But again, only you can know who you are.
Stop the bullying cycle. Have self-confidence.

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